Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Last Sunday, I had my birthday. It's hard to believe that next year I will turn big fat 5-0. Here are some hopes that I have for this year of my life.

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This Year...

I think I've been very blessed this year. My health was good, my hepatitis C confirmed cured, and my liver test looked boringly normal the last time I took it. We have invested into our house by remodeling our backyard, building a new deck, putting pavers in our driveway, and installing new copper pipes. We had a chance to travel visiting Southern California in spring and spending three weeks in Germany in summer. Smarty and I had a chance to see Cats on Broadway when we visited my parents. I  also had time and opportunity to contribute to some causes I feel passionate about by coaching a middle school Math Club in Smarty's school and by being actively involved in running Lyceumour local association for gifted children. Finally, I also had a new experience of being laid off and having to look for a new job. 

Next Year...

I am reading the book The 7 Minute Solution by Allyson Lewis, and it inspired me to think of what I really value most. In the book, there is an interesting exercise where she gives the readers of 75 value words and asks to pick and prioritize 10 values that are most important to you. And, yes, you are supposed to spend 7 minutes on this exercise :)
After some reflection, here is my list:
  1. Family
  2. Health
  3. Financial Security
  4. Peace/Balance (cheating a little here :))
  5. Joy
  6. Relationships
  7. Learning
  8. Contributing
  9. Travel
  10. Nature
The idea here is to set personal goals that would align with your values and then focus on these goals making sure that you do "micro-actions" every day to move yourself closer to them. So here are some of my goals for the next 90 days:
  • Enjoy Christmas break with family - focus on family, relationship, and peace.
  • Physical, dental, and vision check ups (once we get our new insurance) - focus on health.
  • Get my Project Management Professional certification - focus on learning.
  • Get taxes done early - focus on financial security.
  • Go skiing - focus on travel, joy, and nature.
  • Get new Lyceum website live - focus on contributing.
  • Transition Math Club to new coaches - focus on contributing.
  • Reorganize our garage - focus on peace/balance/family.
This year will bring a lot of changes for our family with me working out of office again, but I hope that we will all rise to this challenge, and I hope that the year leading to big 5-0 will be a great year for me.

Your Turn

Are you thinking of your goals for an upcoming year?

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Ticia said...

That looks kind of like Maryanne's goal lists. I'm not really thinking about goals yet, right now I want to survive Christmas.

Ticia said...

Oh, and happy birthday!