Thursday, November 2, 2017

Watching our tomatoes still producing in November makes me so thankful for Northern California weather.

I grew up in cold continental climate of Belarus where we had real winters... and real central heating. When we immigrated to the United States, I lived in New York/New Jersey area for several years and "enjoyed" several "blizzards of the century" there. My California-born girl is yet to see snow falling from the sky, and I kind of get her desire to experience it, but... I don't miss snow and I miss driving on snow and ice even less. If we absolutely want to go skiing, we can drive for two hours and be in Sierra foothills. Alternatively, if we want to surf, we can drive two hours in the opposite direction and enjoy Pacific coastline.

I love every season of California weather except, perhaps, extreme heat waves of summer. I love not having to check the weather forecast between April and October and not having to adjust our plans based on whether it's going to rain. I love looking forward to rain rather than complaining about it - rain here means that the dreaded drought might be staved off again. It also means an excuse to light the fireplace, read books, and play board games.
I love having something blooming in our garden every month, even in winter. I love being able to grow winter vegetables, and I love seeing fruit trees bursting with flowers in February. My husband sometimes jokes that Silicon Valley will experience the same urban decay as Detroit if high-tech industries move on, but I like to point out to him that our climate is something that Detroit surely does not have and that perhaps we can then enjoy our retirement in less crowded Valley than what we have here now.

Your Turn

Do you enjoy the weather where you live?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I LOVE snow, but I don't miss driving in it. And I do enjoy evening walks in our mild California weather. I will enjoy summer more once we move to our new place, which will have air conditioning.

Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

I enjoyed hearing about your love of California weather. My husband, who is from Northern California moved to the East Coast so that he could enjoy the varying seasons. He found the lack of weather changes boring. Me, I think I am with you in loving California's mild and constant weather.

Ticia said...

I am totally with you on the not loving snow, my husband on the other hand has happy thoughts of going to a snow-covered place to live someday. That would be my nightmare however....