Saturday, November 18, 2017

Highlights of the Week

It was a crazy busy week for all of us. Smarty started the week sick with sore throat and cough, and staying in school until 9 pm for tech week rehearsals did not help. Magically, she was better on Thursday, just in time for her first performance in The Little Mermaid. 
I had an onsite interview at a pretty well known software company, and my prospects look good. My work break might end up being rather short, but I will know more next week or the first week of December. I am still working on my PMP certification, because this will be good for my resume and will give me some new skills in my new job, whether I get it now or later.


Woot-woot! The first trimester wrapped up on Friday. Smarty had great 3 months of school. She handled all her assignments on her own, and did not have any late or missing work this term. Ironically, from the percentage grades, her best subject is apparently PE, but she pulled solid As in all subjects with percentage grades of 96 and up. She enjoys all her teachers and her subjects - she just wishes for science to be less dry and more hands-on. They do have occasional labs, but most of the time it's essentially another reading-writing lesson. It's not the teacher's fault, it's just how New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) manifest themselves in middle school.

After School

Another woot-woot! The school musical is done. I have helped at several rehearsals, and at times things looked rather dire. We came to watch Thursday evening performance of Smarty's cast, and it was amazing to see the play come together with just a few minor glitches. Some kids were amazing, and everyone did their best. During rehearsals, Smarty was saying that she does not want to do another play next year, but now she says that she will sign up again, because she loves performing on stage in front of the audience. 

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. 
Smarty got Moon Chosen by P. C. Cast as a birthday present, and finally read it this week. This book is recommended for grades 9-12 on Amazon, but Smarty did not mention anything inappropriate to me and said that it took a while to connect the story lines in the book, but it all came together in the end. She enjoyed the story a lot, and now she is hoping that the new book in this Tales of a New World series, Sun Warrior, will be on sale during Black Friday week.

Best Memory of the Week

Smarty, "I am playing an evil eel in Little Mermaid, but I am not evil. I am an adorable little Ursula's pet. I am very loyal to her."

Your Turn

How was your week?

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Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Congratulations on excellent grades! She is an adorable eel, and it is wonderful that she could pull out the goodness in even an evil character.