Saturday, October 28, 2017

Highlights of the Week

It was a hard week for us. On Monday, Smarty came back from school complaining of a bad stomachache. I took her to the Urgent Care where they ruled out an appendicitis and a bladder infection, suggested that she has an indigestion and recommended giving her Mylanta. However, her pain stubbornly stayed with her for the next three days keeping her away from school. She was not eating, acting very tired and even crying in pain. Eventually on Thursday afternoon I called our pediatrician again, and we went to his office for after hours service visit. They did an X-ray of the stomach, and it turned out that she has a blockage from constipation. I was glad that I took her - I did not suspect constipation, since she still had bowel movements every day. Anyway, the doctor prescribed a strong laxative to move things along, and on Friday Smarty started feeling a lot more like herself. Perhaps her illness was a blessing in disguise as it took my mind away from the fact that it is my last week at my job, and allowed me to count my blessings as we got to the root cause of Smarty's stomach issues. As for the job search, I currently have two opportunities where I will have phone screens next week and a few more resumes out as I set myself a goal to send at least 2 resumes every day. I am optimistic that I will find something soon enough.


Smarty missed most of school this week, but she really enjoyed her school "Fall Festival" last weekend. This year we dropped her off and she just did what she wanted for 4 hours of the festival. This picture was taken when I came to pick her up. Earlier that day she also had her birthday party with her school friends at a trampoline place. Everyone had a blast, and now Smarty has more new science kits than she really needs :)

After School

Our local organization of gifted children organized a great group visit to a Bay Area Glass Institute that offers classes on glass blowing. The instructors were amazing - even elementary school age kids were able to make a glass pumpkin. I already picked up a finished product, and Smarty's pumpkin looks gorgeous and deserves a separate post :)

What My Child Is Reading

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Smarty was going through her "comfort re-reads" while suffering from stomachache, but she did enjoy the next book in Ender's series - Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card.

Favorite Memory of the Week

I loved watching kids at Smarty birthday - even though they are tweens now, they are still cheerful, respectful, and easy going. Smarty invited some old friends who are now 6th graders and some new friends from 7th grade, and they all got along just fine. I am glad to see that Smarty's relationships are stronger now and she is more comfortable with her grade mates than she was last year when she felt herself to be an outsider. Hopefully, we will stick it out in her current school for another year to let her social skills catch up (at least I am hoping for that!)

Your Turn

How was your week?


Min Erva said...

Glad she is feeling better! Since Smarty has only one more year to go, I would stick it out with the middle school especially since you've been able to supplement after school. Once she begins high school, she will have many more options. Find out if she can test out of certain math classes. I know that our district tests students right before entering high school for the purpose of placement. Good luck with the job search! I know how stressful that can be. With all your years of experience, you will find one soon!

Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Well, I'd say you made lemonade out of your lemon of a week. Glad she is feeling better.

Ticia said...

I can't wait to see the pumpkin!
I'm sorry she wasn't feeling well, those are never fun visits when you're trying to figure out what's wrong.