Sunday, September 24, 2017

Highlights of the Week

This week felt much more "normal" to me - Smarty was her normal cheerful self, and the whole flow of the week felt smooth. On Thursday, we had an early morning meeting at school with Smarty's math teacher. I will write about this meeting in a separate post, but, since we had to leave early, Smarty got herself ready to school on her own (on a Picture Day!), had breakfast by herself, locked the door and departed for school with her usual walking group without any problems. It's really exciting to see her becoming more independent and able to stay home on her own for longer periods of time and at different times of the day.


Smarty seems quite happy with almost everything in school. The only thing that really irritates her is when other students talk and fool around during independent writing time. She prefers to do as much work as possible in school to avoid taking work home, and she finds other students' behavior distracting. We were brainstorming solutions, and agreed that perhaps she could use headphones while writing, but she wanted to wait another week and see if maybe her classmates start responding to her teacher's efforts to establish the right writing environment.

After School

It looks like Smarty now has the right balance of structured and unstructured after school activities. She is enjoying her theater and taekwondo practices. Our math class is also settling into more productive mode, and she enjoys working by herself and with others and does math club homework without me having to remind her. She also restarted her weekly session with our 4 year old neighbor - she teaches him to read. K adores Smarty, and it's interesting to see how patient she can be with someone much younger than her.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. This week, Smarty went back to her favorite fantasy genre and re-read Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card twice. It's a "heavy" story, and she discussed some parts of it with me and asked to read the sequel Xenocide, because the story kind of ended on a cliffhanger in Speaker for the Dead.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Seeing my daughter enjoying math again :)

Your Turn

How was your week?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Hooray for enjoying math! It is so rewarding to see kids become more independent.

Ticia said...

I'm trying to remember if I read Xenocide, I do remember reading Speaker for the Dead.

It's always interesting to see how kids do teaching younger kids a skill. Then you really get to see how patient they are.