Saturday, August 26, 2017

Highlights of the Week

Well, our summer break is officially over. We started this week by readjusting back from our travels. Smarty was happy to see her Papa and sleep in her own bed. We enjoyed watching the solar eclipse - we did not travel anywhere for it, but invited friends across the street and watched it in our backyard. Then Smarty spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday in anticipation of her first day of school and headed off on Wednesday to meet her new teachers and classmates.


On Wednesday, Smarty started 7th grade. Not everything she was hoping for actually materialized - she is still in a "fixed class" attending all classes with the same students, and she did not get all the electives that she chose. However, she likes all her new teachers and she is looking forward to getting out of "getting to know you" phase and learning something new. She is forgetting that there is a "review" phase before that :)

After School

Smarty was enjoying her last relatively free week. Her homework was very light, and all her after school activities kick in next week except her Art of Problem Solving AMC8 Advanced math class that started this Monday. She said it was a little boring, but she always finds that online classes move too slow for her taste. In fact, she finds all classes moving too slow except the classes with a lot of hands-on activities and interaction. 

What My Child Is Reading

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We have a lot of Dilbert comics at home, but they were "off limits" to Smarty. However, last weekend we went to a birthday party, and Smarty managed to get her hands on Dilbert books. She begged us to be allowed to read the ones that we have, and we agreed. She was on Dilbert kick all week and keeps asking me if my life in the office really looks similar to Dilbert's. We had some good discussion about satire and how it is different from real life.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Our good friend turned 50, and Smarty made her this painting for her birthday. It's acrylic paint on a canvas. She still desperately wants to take an oil painting class in winter.

Your Turn

How was your week?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I hope Smarty does get her oil painting class!

Ticia said...

My kids haven't discovered Dilbert yet, but they've devoured almost all of my other comics.