Saturday, August 19, 2017

Highlights of the Week

Time flies, and our last full week of this summer break is over. We spent it visiting my parents in New Jersey, and tonight we are flying back home. Smarty had a blast with my parents - going swimming on sunny days, spending a bit too much time on the computer on rainy days, reading, and sleeping in. We saw a Broadway play last weekend, and visited her favorite place, a Russian sauna, twice, so it was time wonderfully spent. We will miss my parents, but by now both Smarty and I are ready to go home and get ready to start a new school year!


Smarty really wanted to go skating, and my parents took her to a skating rink in a nearby town on Friday. My father, who just turned 78, bravely volunteered to skate with her. He said that last time he was wearing skates 65 years ago, but he could keep up. Well done, Dad :) Smarty was persisting despite stumbles and falls and could make her way across the rink after an hour or so. Now she wants to see if we can go to free skate at San Jose Sharks stadium on weekends.

What My Child Is Reading

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As usual, Smarty raced through a lot of books, mostly fantasy books, this week. Here are some of her favorites:

Favorite Memory of the Week

I loved seeing how much fun Smarty had with her grandparents. And here is her definition of a perfect grandma, "You are a perfect Babushka - you are short, fat, soft, kind, and you spoil me rotten!"

Your Turn

How was your week?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This sounds like a wonderful week! The kids and I have been visiting family as well this week, including both of MY grandmothers! Today we went to the 90th birthday party of my dad's mom, who is still in amazing health.