Thursday, August 3, 2017

Smarty is not an "artsy" kid. She rarely draws or makes crafts for fun, and her drawings in the assignments requiring illustrations are clearly saying, "I don't want to draw and you cannot make me!" So I was a little surprised when she chose a 2D Art as one of three subjects for her three weeks in College 4 Kids camp. When I asked her, she said that she does enjoy drawing and would like to get better at it.
Her art class started a little bumpy, but went on quite well. In fact, Smarty said that it was her favorite class, a tough choice considering that she also enjoyed her drama and debate classes very much. In the end, her teacher even gave her a special parting gift - a wooden human body mannequin. What surprised me is how Smarty could actually draw and paint quite well under guided instruction. It made me sad and angry that she never had any formal art instruction in school - her elementary art education was limited to a monthly Art Vista program led by parent volunteers, and her middle school only has music, but no visual arts classes.
Smarty was super happy to learn how to draw humans that actually look more like humans. She did a lot of gesture sketches both at home and in class, and I love how this particular project turned out.
This next project was about learning about optical illusions. Smarty enjoyed the technique of making her objects "rise" from the page. 
There were many other techniques that Smarty learned while taking art for 90 minutes a day 3 weeks in a row. They did abstract drawings with closed eyes, still life, prints, pointillist self-portraits, and, of course, landscapes. Smarty's landscape is a lead image in this post, and she is very proud of it. She already asked for it to be framed to replace one of her early childhood art projects hanging in our house. She is also talking about learning to paint with oil paints after learning in class about Bob Ross and his Joy of Painting series on YouTube. She now watches them before going to bed - she says that she finds watching him paint very relaxing and that she can fall asleep much faster afterwards.
I am so happy that Smarty decided to take this class. I love it when she takes on new challenges and learns something new. She would really like to take an oil painting class, and perhaps we can fit it into her busy schedule in winter once her school musical is over.

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Did your kids try any new activities this summer?

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Sarah said...

Those are great! I'm so glad she's been inspired!

Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Her artwork is quite wonderful!
We have been enjoying an artful summer.

Min Erva said...

That's wonderful Smarty's school offers art classes! Funding for schools are so low in California that art classes are the first to go.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Her artwork looks great! Johnny enjoyed an archery camp this summer.

Ticia said...

Those are awesome! I've always thought the contour line drawings that look 3-D are so cool, and she did a good job with hers.