Thursday, August 24, 2017

One thing that Smarty couldn't wait to get is her new school schedule. It's been quite different this year in comparison to the last year.

Good Parts

Smarty is very excited that they are going to have science and math almost every day this year, including block schedule on Wednesday and Thursday for longer projects and labs. She is also not too unhappy that PE went down to a more reasonable level of three times a week, with two periods and one block (block is two periods combined together). Last year they had 80 minutes of PE 4 days a week, which is nice, but, hey, I'd prefer some of that time to be spent on math and science considering that Smarty goes to STEAM school.

Bad Parts

Smarty was very upset to discover music as an elective on her schedule. She loves music, but she chose environmental advocacy, digital journalism, and leadership as her electives in the last days of the previous year. Apparently, over summer the powers in charge of middle school schedule decided to "simplify matters" and grouped available electives into two groups of three. As a result, she got her first choice of environmental advocacy and two electives from the same group - music (ukulele), and exploratory art. To give Smarty some significant credit, she asked to be excused when she received her schedule, marched right to the office and complained to the principal. This is what I call "self-advocating". The principal said that she would not change anything on the spot, but would take a look later. However, later Smarty cooled down and remembered that she does love her music teacher and that she does love art. So she found her principal again and told her that she is going to stay with her electives. Still, I expect there were a lot of unhappy middle schoolers yesterday - all because adults cannot communicate their plans. 

Your Turn

What do your kids' school schedule look like?

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Ticia said...

Good for her going down there and advocating for herself. I don't think any of my kids would do that.