Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Smarty is pretty excited to start her summer vacation. Barring any unexpected events, we have it all planned out. Here is what we hope to do this summer.
Smarty is starting her vacation time by hanging out at home. Both my husband and I have alternative days when we work from home, so she will just stay with us. We set expectations that every day we expect her to do a little bit of math, music, exercise, creative projects, and chores. We don't have to make her read, she will readily read for hours on her own.
Smarty will also spend 5 weeks out of 10.5 weeks of her summer break traveling. Next Saturday, we are all heading off to Germany visiting friends and family in Bremen, Cologne, and Braunschweig. Of course, we are going to see a lot of medieval buildings there - a great introduction to Middle Ages history, a social studies topic for 7th grade. Later in summer, she and I will fly to visit my parents in New Jersey where we will certainly get out to see some of New York City attractions.
Smarty will also get to experience college life this summer. We signed her up for College for Kids program at the local community college. It's a three week camp where kids could choose to attend three different classes every day. Smarty's choices this year were 2D Art, Drama, and Debate. I hope that she enjoys this experience and will try something similar next year.
In addition, Smarty will take one more week of camp this year - she really enjoyed going to Steve & Kate camp last year because of their open and self-directed structure and wanted to do it again this year. She is especially looking forward to bread baking and sewing stations there.
And there we go, summer will probably fly faster than we expect. I hope we will all enjoy it and be ready for school to start back on August 23. I cannot believe we will have a 7th grader!

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I've heard good things about Steve & Kate camps.

Ticia said...

I am currently feeling like our summer is too scheduled. I'm looking at the advent of our one unplanned week before the end of July, and seeing it become too busy because there's things I want to do on these other weeks that we can't do because of other plans.