Friday, May 5, 2017

Highlights of the Week

We are now officially in May, and days are just flying by! I have more load at work, but so far it's been manageable. Smarty had a ukulele night in school where we enjoyed seeing every student in her class gathering up courage to come to the stage and sing in front of a crowd of friends and family. While we think that Smarty could have done better if she took time to practice, she herself is pleased with her performance. It was also a teacher appreciation week in school and she had ample opportunities to thank her amazing teachers. She wrote a very touching card to her favorite teacher - she is really loving ancient history this year, because Ms K makes it so much fun.


Smarty's school has its first Open House next week, and students are hard at work completing some projects for it. For leadership, Smarty and her classmate are working on a magazine about Growth Mindset. She gave me this page to ask my readers which picture best represents growth mindset :)
State testing also wrapped up this week - students did three days of language testing last week, and three days of math testing this week. Smarty said that both tests were hard, and that there were some questions on the math test where she was not sure about the right approach but did her best effort. Considering that her math teacher has hardly covered even 50% of math curriculum of sixth grade I imagine that her grade will do rather poorly as a whole, but we still expect for Smarty to exceed expectations. We'll only know the results in August though.

After School

A new taekwondo cycle started this week, and now Smarty is taking taekwondo three times a week. She is thrilled about her leadership program and is working hard on being a super model student even if she can't help but question her coach quite a bit. He nailed it when he told her, I like that you ask a lot of questions but sometimes you need to trust that I know what I am doing. I think taekwondo is awesome for this awkward adolescent age - Smarty loves all the yelling, kicking, and punching and comes home significantly more relaxed.

What My Child Is Reading

We finally made it to the library this Thursday, and Smarty came back with a bag full of books. She immediately dug into her favorite re-reads of Ranger's Apprentice, but here are some other books that she chose to read this week:

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Best Memory This Week

Smarty loves this shirt that she got from grandparents for Easter. She says that it's super comfortable, and it does bring blue in her eyes :)

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