Saturday, May 27, 2017

Highlights of the Week

This week we took Smarty from school for three days and headed out to Southern California to give her an early end-of-school and a belated birthday present. We spent one day in LEGOland, one day in San Diego Balboa Park, and had a tour of JPL facilities on the way back home. The trip was great, weather and traffic cooperated with us, and we arrived back tired but happy.


Two more weeks are left in a school year! This Friday, we met with our school principal to discuss what can be done to keep Smarty engaged in math classroom next year. Yes, she is learning a lot of math on the computer, but we think that having an actual teacher would be very beneficial to her. Our principal reminded us gently that she always thought that one grade skip would not be enough for Smarty and said that she already talked to her new math teacher about Smarty. She promised that he would assess Smarty's knowledge in the beginning of the year and would propose a plan. I am cautiously optimistic, since it was always so difficult to get a true assessment out of our district. Hopefully, she will have better luck with math and science teachers than she had this year.


We took Smarty to LegoLand twice when she was younger, and we were wondering whether she will still enjoy it. She most certainly did. Even though she is going to turn 11 in October, she is still very much a kid. Also, she was finally adventurous enough to go to most roller coaster rides except one. She is not a thrill-seeker, at least not yet.

San Diego Zoo

Smarty chose to go to San Diego Zoo on our second day, also a place that we have visited previously. However, a big part of the zoo was closed for new exhibits coming this summer, and she was fully done with it after about 4 hours. Luckily, we had bought a San Diego Pass this time which gave us access to other museums in Balboa Park. We used this opportunity to wander around and visit San Diego Air and Space Museum (meh!) and the Japanese Friendship Garden (lovely!).

What My Child Is Reading

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Car travel time always flies faster with a good audio book. This time I got Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz, an enchanting fantasy about life in England in mid 1800s. It was one of those rare books when even I could not predict until the very end how the story would turn, and all three of us enjoyed listening to it. In the hotel, Smarty read through the first part of Foundation trilogy of Isaac Asimov on her Kindle, and continued to read it at home, since we have a physical book in our home library.

Favorite Memory This Week

An excitement on Smarty's face when we visited Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena. She wanted to go ever since she read The Martian and watched the movie.

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I need to figure out a time to take my kids to Legoland.

Ticia said...

We really loved Legoland when we went all those years ago, but were unimpressed with San Diego Zoo. Of course, we went to the San Diego Zoo in the middle of summer and it was crazy crowded, but I think it had been hyped too much for me to enjoy it.