Saturday, May 13, 2017

Highlights of the Week

The first half of the week was somewhat crazy, as the kids and the teachers feverishly put the last touches on the projects for their inaugural year's Open House. Now this crazy time is finally over, SBAC testing is also over, and the kids can breathe a little easier even though they still have a couple of projects to complete in the last four months of this school year. 


We went through all classes during an Open House seeing what kids did this year. The biggest pride of 6th grade was a big and ambitious project to build an 18-hole golf course with ancient civilization theme. The project ran over and most golf holes were still under construction, but students did their best to make them kind of working. I will write more about this project in a separate post.
Smarty also was pleased to learn that she got a title of Math Kangaroo National Winner in this year's Math Kangaroo competition. She did not really win it, but Math Kangaroo recognizes students ranked top 20 in their grade with this title. Three other students from 22 participants of her school received this title - one third grader, one fourth grader, and her new best friend who got third place in California and fourth place nationally for 7th grade.

After School

Smarty spent most of after school time in the first days of the week catching up on her school projects. There were some fights about quality of work, and tears and complaints about being too stressed. Honestly, we hope that teachers will be coordinating their assignments better going forward, because the homework situation was indeed excessive. We are taking this weekend to unwind and to spend time with friends. 

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Even in the middle of school-related craziness, Smarty found time to read several new books, and she really liked The Girl Who Could Not Dream by Sarah Beth Durst. It's rare nowadays that she is asking me to read her books, but she put this one on my bed table and said that she wants to discuss it with me once I am done.

Favorite Memory This Week

Smarty announced last Sunday a "spa day" to battle stress. She spent a good portion of the day making homemade scrubs and masks and trying them out. Because... girl!

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Ticia said...

Now I'm curious which scrubs she liked and how her experimentation went.