Saturday, April 8, 2017

Highlights of the Week

It was a spring break week, and, coincidentally, my husband had to go on a rare business trip for three days. We survived despite minor annoyances like a DSL modem dying on us and AT&T only sending a technician in 36 hours. It would not be a problem normally, but, since I had to work from home this week, I lost a day. We also did our taxes this week and yet again had to pay up. At least it was not as bad as last year, and we often joke that having a taxable income is a good problem to have.

Hanging Out with Friends

Several kids from my Math Club met together during a break to do more math and hang out. Smarty enjoyed it a lot - all other kids are boys, but she always connected more with boys than with girls. Her friends also introduced her to an iPad game called Clash Royale, and she was more than a little obsessed with the game - to the point where we had to reinstate limits on electronics in the house.

Catching Up with School Projects

Smarty did some work during a school break to catch up with her school projects. Next Friday she has Walk through Ancient History event in school where she has to have a full costume with props. She worked this week to make her pharaoh head dress (in the first image), a dress (her Dad helped her to make a pattern for it), and jewelry to wear with it. There are still a few more finishing touches, but hopefully everything will be done in time.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. I am amused to see how Smarty's reading choices are somewhat influenced by the fact that she is hanging out with boys in school. Her book selections this week included Pranklopedia, Jokelopedia, and Big Magic for Little Hands. But she was also true to her favorite fantasy genre devouring the new book Star Chaser in Angie Sage's Todhunter Moon series.

Favorite Memory of the Week

The weather changed to cold and rainy again for the weekend, but it was warm enough for the first sprinklers of the season in the beginning of the week. Smarty said, I feel like a kid again!

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm glad Smarty got the chance to feel like a kid again! That headdress is impressive - I look forward to seeing the dress!

Ticia said...

It's the Tutankhamen headdress!

My kids are excited because we just had our first pool day.