Saturday, April 22, 2017

Highlights of the Week

Happy Earth Day! We are celebrating today by doing more planting in our garden, and Smarty had a week of special days in school leading to Earth Day. Her grade is working on a project based unit about climate change where students are expected to produce a video about climate change and ways to make a difference in keeping our planet clean.


Smarty had to "double down" on her homework this week trying to catch up with her multiple projects. Most of the work she does in school is actually online. For whatever reason she prefers to sit on the floor rather than at her desk while focusing on her work. I wish she would put a bit more forethought in planning her projects, but she does get them done.

After School

Smarty had her first taekwondo tournament this week. She was super excited about it and practiced very hard, but her hopes of competing and winning were dashed when she arrived to the tournament and discovered that she is the only female beginner in her age group, so she gets automatic gold for all her events. She burst into tears and stated that she does not need medals for showing up and that to her fun is in competition, not just in participation. Anyway, she did all her forms and got her medals, but she did not want to wear them or display them in her room the way she displays the awards she truly earned.

What My Child Is Reading

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Smarty used Easter cash from grandparents to buy a couple of books at the Scholastic Book Fair in her school. One of her choices was Fortune Falls by Jenny Goebel. She really liked the book, unfortunately, it was "too short" for Smarty - she finished it in about an hour and a half, but reread it several times since. Her second choice was non-fictional King George: What Was His Problem? about American revolution.

Best Memory of the Week

Unfortunately, Easter Sunday was rainy, so Easter bunny had to leave eggs and goodies inside. Smarty was happy with her Easter presents - chocolate, a pretty outfit and money from grandparents, more chocolate from Germany, Hogwarts Castle, and a scientific calculator.

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Mama Mia said...

That's awful that they separated the girls from the boys. What I liked about Tae Kwon Do was boys and girls competed together!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I just requested both of Smarty's book picks from our library :)

How frustrating with the taekwondo competition!

I keep hoping that LEGO will bring back their Harry Potter sets. So far no luck...

Ticia said...

That castle does look cool. I'm with Maryanne and keep hoping LEGO will bring back the Harry Potter sets. I thought they would when Fantastic Beasts came out, but they didn't :(.

And so frustrating about Tae Kwan Do.