Sunday, April 16, 2017

Highlights of the Week

It was the first week back to school after a school break, but this time Smarty was looking forward to going back to school and to the culmination of their Walk through Ancient History project. She also got yet another project based unit going - the end of the year is shaping up to be crazy busy for her. 
We had even more rain this week, which is good for our new grass and plants in the garden. We are all looking forward to being able to really use our backyard a week from now, It's been quite a journey to get our garden project completed, and I am happy that we are finally done.


On Friday, Smarty had a very special event for her history studies. Her school contracted with California Weekly Explorer and the kids did Walk Through Ancient History program. We attended part of the presentation, and it was great fun! Smarty did a very nice job as two pharaohs and earned a lot of points for her team. Unfortunately, her Egypt team did not win, but all students had a lot of fun and probably learned as much from three weeks leading to this presentation as they did from three months in the classroom.

After School

Smarty took a fun two-parter class called Design for Superheroes with our local gifted organization. Kids learned about design elements and built several fun structures including this one. Smarty enjoys Lyceum events, because she also gets to hang out and connect with other gifted kids. I wish they could all attend the same school - there are a couple of girls that Smarty clicks with a lot more than with the girls in her class...

What My Child Is Reading

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Smarty was excited to discover that one of her favorite series, Spirit Animals, now has a sequel, Fall of the Beasts. She read the first two books this week and can't wait to go back to the library for more. She also read a couple of non-fiction books about climate change for her project based unit in science.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Seeing 6th graders prepare for their Egypt skit and watching the program!

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Smarty's Egypt costume looks great! I'm glad she enjoyed that project. It sounded like a lot of work!

Ticia said...

Those Egypt costumes are really good.

I always had mixed feelings on projects when I was a kid. On the one hand I enjoyed them, no the other hand I had very hands-off parents, so my projects never really looked super good in comparison to other kids.