Saturday, April 1, 2017

Highlights of the Week

It's April and spring has come! Our landscape project is finally completed, and we are looking forward to adding new plants to our backyard and front yard. Backyard has to wait a bit, because our new grass needs a month to get established before we can walk on it. But this weekend we are going to Home Depot to pick some new plants for our front yard, and I am quite excited about it.


Wow, all I can say is that Smarty is super busy. They have one project on top of another right now, all with pretty aggressive delivery dates. At least she will have a school break week to catch up with all the tasks of this Walk through the Ancient World project that is due on Friday after school break. One part of this project is a play that the kids were expected to write and produce in 3 weeks, one being a school break. I find it a little unreasonable, but Smarty is toughing it out being the main script writer for her team and now volunteering for one of the lead roles in the play on top of two other roles that she already has for this project. Good thing that we don't have any plans for a spring break, so she can catch up.

After School

We made a point to enjoy good weather this week by going on walks every day. Smarty also attended her first live sports game - I took her to see volleyball semifinal match between the girls from her middle school and our neighboring middle school. Alas, our school lost badly, but Smarty really enjoyed the game and commented to me that she now thinks that watching an occasional sports game might be fun as long as it is live.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. We did not make it to the library this week, so Smarty was busy re-reading some of her favorite comics Foxtrot. I actually never read Foxtrot, but she says it's rather good. 

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty was happy to celebrate spring with her tradition of the first barefoot walk. She goes barefoot quite often in summer and she is always barefoot inside the house. She spent an entire walk walking on different textures - grass, tree roots, sand, rocks, and describing to me in great detail how they feel. She is definitely a sensory seeker and such experiences calm and center her.

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Wow, she has a lot going on! She is also looking very grown up in this post. It does sound like it's time for spring break. My kids are really looking forward to the time off.

Ticia said...

That is super fast turn around for the script and practicing depending on what is expected of the script.

Peter has been buying Fox Trot books as fast as he can buy them ever since I cut him off from mine because he was destroying the books.

Drake is a sensory seeker too, and puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. It's really kind of frustrating for me.