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Are you going to do something special for Earth Day this year? Here are 10 ideas to celebrate Earth Day with kids.
Celebrating Earth Day with Kids

1. Garden

What can be better for kids than to be able to grow something that they planted themselves? What are the good plants to grow with kids? Preschool Powohl Packets recommends 5 excellent plants to grow with kids. We personally had best luck with cherry tomatoes and herbs, such as oregano and mint.

2. Get Out into Nature

Nature-Flower-HuntAnother way to celebrate the Earth Day is simply to get out into nature and focus on the beauty of the world around us. This picture was taken during February weekend hike when our spring flowers were in bloom. Kids enjoyed a scavenger hunt searching for flowers described in the park pamphlet.

3. Plant Trees or Flowers in Your Community

We actively participate in the “garden club” in our public school. During the past 4 years parent volunteers turned an unused patch of land behind school buildings into a thriving vegetable and flower garden, and every student gets a chance to participate in planting, harvesting, and tasting – conveniently, our Northern California climate supports multiple harvests throughout the year. This Earth Day we will be adding a compost worm bin to this garden and students will start composting their lunch scraps.

4. Play In the MudJump-in-the-Mud

According to recent research, kids who play in dirt are less prone to allergies and asthma than their more sheltered counterparts? So don’t hesitate when your children ask to jump in the mud puddles. They will be making memories and getting their wiggles out. You can also encourage them to try and build their own mud bricks and see how they can strengthen them – it’s a fun STEM activity to do for Earth Day.

5. Recycle and Reduce

We always try to involve our daughter in our decluttering and recycling efforts. Honestly, we have WAYS to go here, but we are taking baby steps to becoming minimalists. It’s easier for me to part with things than for my husband, but we are trying to teach our daughter to donate what can be used by someone else and recycle not only obvious waste, but also things like old batteries and electronic devices. And, of course, we keep an “inventor box” in the garage with bits and bobs that can be used in different projects – various containers, egg cartons, fabric scraps, etc.

6. Upcycle

You can turn trash into treasure by upcycling items from your trash bin into pretty crafts or DIY toys. Need ideas? Check out 34 Recyclables to Upcycle for Kids from Hands-On: as We Grow.

7. Craft with Natural Materials

It’s so much fun to transform things from nature into objects of art. Did your kids ever make a real flower wreath or a “magic wand”?

8. Feed Birds

Welcome birds into your backyards with a DIY bird house – Smarty helped her Dad to build ours. Or, if carpentry is not your strength, try one of 32 easy homemade bird feeder ideas from Happy Hooligans.

9. Explore Critters Around You

My daughter always loved to discover and observe small critters in our backyard – squirrels, snails, ladybugs. The only neighbors she cannot stand are spiders. Kids can explore insects on their own with a magnifying glass or you can couple this hands-on discovery with excellent activities from Insects Unit Study from Gift of Curiosity.

10. Read

Earth Day books
I cannot think of leaving this list of ideas without recommending some books about Earth Day and caring about our planet. Reading about Earth Day would be a good way to start or end this day. Check out this list of Earth Day books from The Educators’ Spin On It.

More Ideas for Earth Day?

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Your Turn

10 ways to celebrate Earth Day with kids
What are your plans for Earth Day this year?

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm with you on all of them, except the mud. Can't quite get past the memory of my mother's voice telling me I'd get worms/parasites from playing in mud puddles. Eeeeew!!!!!

shelah moss said...

All of these ideas are so much fun! My daughter loves playing in the mud.