Sunday, March 19, 2017

Highlights of the Week

My parents in New Jersey were clearing away snow this week, but we enjoyed a beautiful "summery week" with temperatures rising to high 80s during a day. It's so hot during the day that Smarty started bringing a change of shorts and a T-shirt for PE. I am very annoyed with our landscape contractor with disappearing on us and delaying the completion of our backyard. I am very ready for some gardening and opening a barbecue season!


It was a pretty hectic week for me, because I was quite busy at work and in Smarty's school. For once, it was a week of judging prototypes of a mini golf course holes that the kids are constructing for their project based learning unit. On my day, we judged 19 projects, and each was unique. I feel sorry for teachers that will eventually have to pick 18 out of 86 to be built as full size holes. I also hosted a Math Kangaroo competition in our school. We had 22 students from grades 1 to 7, and everyone tried their best. I am curious to see the results - they will come back in mid May.

After School

On Saturday, Smarty and several of her classmates took part in Math Field Day - competition organized by Santa Clara Valley mathematics association. She and our strongest 7th grade mathematician competed together in a 2-person team event called Middle School Math Leapfrog and pulled off an unexpected surprise beating 23 teams out of 25 and taking the second place. We are very proud of her!

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. This week Smarty was busy re-reading Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. We own this series on Kindle, so it was difficult to part her from her precious device :)

Best Memory of the Week

We had a lot of fun at St. Patrick's Day party that our neighbors threw for an entire neighborhood every year. Smarty made sure nobody would pinch her for not wearing green :)

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Congratulations to Smarty on the math competition. Impressive!