Friday, March 10, 2017

In February, we again joined artist trading card exchange with several other families. This time the artist of the month was Henri Matisse.
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Who Was Henri Matisse?

We learned a little about Henri Matisse when Smarty was younger, but she had no recollection of that lesson. This is what I keep discovering - while Smarty has a pretty good memory, she only retains things that she finds interesting (like one million tidbits about Mars robots). Anyway, she was quite enthusiastic about learning more about Henri Matisse now. We borrowed Henri Matisse book by Mike Venezia from the library and found out a few things about this influential artist of the 20th century:
  • Originally Henri Matisse trained to become a lawyer. He discovered painting at 21 while recovering from an appendicitis surgery.
  • Matisse was heavily influenced by other impressionists, especially by Paul Sezanne.
  • His most famous works, collages created with paper and scissors, were created at the late stage of his life, when he was confined to a wheelchair.

"Painting with Scissors"

Smarty selected several paintings in the book about Matisse that she found especially appealing. One of them was a brigh picture from his earlier period called Joie de Vivre. The other two works were collages.

Supplies Needed

The "Product"

Smarty tried several different techniques during this project - a rare chance, since most artists are kind of sticking with one style. I liked how all her cards turned out, but this one is my favorite - an underwater garden inspired by Matisse

Books about Henri Matisse

We found several great books (some were a little "young" for my 6th grader) in a local library:

Your Turn

What kind of art projects did your kids do lately?

More Ideas on Teaching Art History

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Ticia said...

He's an interesting person, but so many of the artists of that time are. I like the project you did.