Saturday, February 11, 2017

Highlights of the Week

February is a blooming time in Silicon Valley. This year everything is lush and green because of so much rain. We had another two major storms this week which certainly did not help our landscaping project. Our driveway is currently gone and a big mud puddle stands in its place, and our backyard looks only slightly better. 
This week, I came down hard with a cold virus. At first I thought I have strep, because my throat hurt so much. I went to the doctor who reassured me that this is just a regular cold and predicted the next steps - running nose, cough, the works. On Thursday, I took a sick day and spent most of it sleeping. This helped somewhat, but I am by far not 100%. I am just keeping all body parts crossed that Smarty does not get it.


This week, Smarty for the first time felt negative effects of her grade skip as a new science unit began. The topic is biology, and the first class was a review of cell structure and cell elements. The only problem is that Smarty never had it covered before, so it's all new to her and a little overwhelming. She promised to catch up this weekend by looking up materials online. 
Smarty was eagerly looking forward to the opera field trip on Wednesday. All middle school classes went together to see Silent Night. Students were preparing for this visit for a while by watching a movie Joyeux Noel, discussing the events, and even practicing watching movies with subtitles (nothing new for Smarty, for sure). Still, Smarty did not like the opera itself, she found it too intense. She also said that many kids fell asleep during the show :)

After School

Since the weather was rainy, and both my husband and I were sick, Smarty spent most of her afternoon time playing on the computer. We did manage to take her to her taekwondo classes, and she also put together V-Day cards for her classmates (yes, V-Day is still on for middle schoolers with the same condition as in elementary school - bringing Valentine treats and gifts for everyone).

What My Child Is Reading

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Smarty was fascinated by No Summit out of Sight , a true story of Jordan Romero, the youngest person to climb the seven summits of the world. She actually convinced me to read it next, and I am waiting for it to arrive to the library (Smarty read this book in school). She keeps telling me random facts from this book - she really admires Jordan's enterpreneural spirit and courage. She also read several other books this week:

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Opera tends to be both intense and sleep-inducing - and I say that as someone who quite likes opera (has even performed in operas!)

I am impressed that this is the first time Smarty is struggling with the grade skip.

One of my friends here has been terribly sick with a very similar (or, likely, the same) cold virus. I hope you get completely well soon.

Ticia said...

I'm sorry you were sick last week.

I have not yet seen a live opera, I go back and forth on wanting to see one. I feel like I should like it because it hits most of the things I like, but I'm not sure.