Saturday, January 7, 2017

Highlights of the Week

The new year officially started. We celebrated New Year with our neighbors and our best friends, and now we are all back to work and to school and readjusting to earlier mornings. Smarty is actually pretty happy in the mornings - she likes her school and her classmates, and we don't have struggles getting her out the door (well, maybe in the last 5 minutes). This week, we had a lot of rain, but we are supposedly only on "normal" for this time of the year. I guess we did not have "normal precipitation" for so many years in the row that we are are simply not used to rains now. It's expected to rain even more next week.

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Two school events made Smarty quite happy this week. First, her 6th grade went on a trip to San Jose Egyptian Museum. Last time she was there at 3 and was completely terrified of the mummy in the entrance hall. She has finally been able to put this fear behind and enjoy her trip. Also, they started a new unit in Makers' Lab - they will be building and programming mBots. She has a partner that she likes, and she seems quite excited about this unit - a lot more than she was about LittleBits units in the first trimester.

After School

Smarty returned to her taekwondo classes, this is the first "cycle" that she will do from start to testing time. You don't see her in this picture, because she is behind the instructor. The "theme" for this cycle is "discipline", and it's interesting to see how instructors "weave" the theme of obedience and discipline into their class time. I am dying to see more discipline at home :)

What My Child Is Reading

It's hard for me to tell what Smarty is reading since she has several books going at the same time, both "analog" books and Kindle books, but she commented that she would like to get more books from The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer.

Favorite Memory This Week 

I did not take many pictures on New Year Eve, because I was too busy enjoying time with friends and family, but this main dish reflects our desire for good food, health, and happy times. Wishing everyone a year of peace, health, and contentment.

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How was your first week of the year?


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This sounds like a good week! My kids missed their first three days back in school because we were traveling. Hopefully the upcoming week runs smoothly.

For what it's worth, this is what I remember winters being like from the first time I lived in California. Much more my style, even if it means I get soaked walking kids to school. I think I need to invest in rain boots, even if I did without them up until now (coming up on 9 years total living in CA, and five of those were drought-free).

Ticia said...

We've had the same thing, and I've spent the past decade without rain, it's weird to suddenly have rain again in our life.