Monday, January 2, 2017

Another blogging year flew by, and today I want to reflect on this year, feature most popular posts, and reflect on what was working and what was not working for me. I am also happy to share my top posts of 2016 in case you missed them during the year.

State of the Blog and Top Posts of 2016 from Planet Smarty Pants

Traffic Growth

I worked hard on my blog this year, and it was nice to see that I still managed some growth - about 50% in page views. However, most of it happened in the first part of the year while my later posts kind of fizzled. Frankly, it could be because I really struggled to finding my blogging mojo in the second part of the year.

I am very thankful to everyone who stopped here to read and comment, and I hope that you will be coming back for more this year!

Top 10 Posts

Here is what I learned from this year:

1. "Event Posts" Need to Be Out Early

My #1 post of this year was The Story of Olympic Rings with a Free Printable. It was written in April while the Olympic Games in Rio took place in August. This post certainly gathered a lot of "juice" between April and August and its "partner" Continents and Countries Olympic Sort got to #4 in traffic.

2. STEAM Rocks

Several of my top posts were written for collaborative STEAM projects with other Kid STEAM bloggers. I worked hard on them and it was gratifying to see them getting traffic:

#3: A giant round up of 52 free science projects for kids

3. You CAN Do Classic Experiments Over and Over Again

Usually I avoid doing "me too" experiments or crafts but, apparently, there can never be enough of them, especially if they come with decent images. My Tornado in a Jar post was #6 in traffic for this year.

4. Sometimes It's Just Luck...

I really can't explain why Stress less for success on academic tests rose to #9. It was "stumbled" by someone and a lot of traffic came from Stumbled Upon and also from Pinterest.

5. Passion Counts

My post #2 of the year was on the topic I feel very passionately about - how we shortchange our brightest children by cutting gifted education and putting them into mixed ability classrooms. Apparently, this post struck the nerve with gifted community, because of an overwhelming response to What If Michael Phelps Trained in the Kiddie Pool?

What’s in Store for 2017?

Honestly, at this point I don't want to promise anything. As Smarty is getting older, she is spending more time doing self-directed activities of her choice and few of them are really "blog-worthy". I still plan to continue blogging, but I am not sure whether I will maintain any sort of a schedule or write when I feel more inspired to talk about specific topics. Perhaps Smarty will appear as a guest blogger from time to time if she is interested. I am considering a few other ideas, but at this point I plan to take a more "relaxed" view of my blogging hobby and see how things unfold. I still hope that my loyal readers will follow me and keep up with events at Planet Smarty Pants.

Your Turn

If you have a suggestion on how I can make my blog better or a topic for my blog, I am always opened to your comments.

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I look forward to seeing how your blog evolves in 2017.

Ticia said...

It's interesting to see how everyone's blog is changing as their kids get older.