Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 is in full swing, and yet I am still thinking of goals for it. Why? Well, that's the subject of this post.

Don't get me wrong. I like setting goals. I am one of those people who does get a pleasure rush from checking off something on my "to do" list. But... right now I find myself at the point where I kind of do not want many things to change... or perhaps I am resisting the change that I do need to make.

You see, we are kind of "settled" in our life. We don't plan for more kids or for a different house. Our daughter seems pretty happy in her middle school, so, hopefully, we don't need to think of the school changes for another two years. We are already making a point of eating healthy and watching our weight. I won't even pretend to put an exercise goal on my list, because the only exercise that I find myself consistently doing and enjoying is daily walks and an occasional tennis game, and we are doing that already. We are involved in our school community, have friends and make a point of inviting them regularly, so it feels to me that the only change we can have is a negative change...
But I know that change is coming whether I want it or not. I can see a writing on the wall with my high-tech company splitting into smaller and smaller pieces and now spinning our business unit off. There is a continuous pressure to reduce presence in "high-cost" geographies, i.e. in US. And my job as a program manager can easily end up on that chopping block. I should be looking for a new job, but... I have so much time flexibility with my current job. I don't have to drive to the office in this soul-crushing traffic of Silicon Valley. I am home for Smarty when school ends at around 3 pm. I can volunteer and attend her events. There is no way that this flexibility will follow me into my next job, so I keep delaying my job search. But I do want to set one goal - to take my project management professional (PMP) exam this year, because this will definitely raise my chances to find a job when I am ready for it.

What about my blog? Again, since this is, after all, my hobby and not my business, I am reluctant to set the goals for the year. I'd rather follow my heart this year unless I commit to some sort of the project that really calls to me. I do plan to keep following my daughter's lead and see where we will end up this year in terms of projects and activities. For now I know I want to continue blogging on the topics of surviving middle school, needs of gifted children, good books, getting through tween years, and executive skills. Here is hoping that this year will bring some interesting and relevant posts to my readers :)

Your Turn

What are your goals for 2017?

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Ticia said...

Jeff is in a similar position to you at work, but also doesn't want to look for a new job.
I'm in a similar position to you with my blog, I don't need an income from it, it's more of a fun challenge, so I set the goals, and pretty much forget them about a month later......
I wish I was as consistent as you at walking daily, winter always gets to me because it's cold and icky, and I don't want to go for a walk.