Saturday, December 17, 2016

Highlights of the Week

Woo-hoo! We are all officially on vacation! My husband and I started our break on Wednesday and used the extra time to catch up with shopping, present wrapping, and sending out our Christmas presents and cards. I cannot wait to spend the next two weeks playing with LEGOs, going hiking (if the weather cooperates), watching movies, and simply hanging out with my family.


For the past 6 weeks all sixth graders were hard at work learning about ancient Egypt via project-based approach. The final output was an interactive Ancient Egypt history museum. Students were divided into teams where each team worked on their own topic. Smarty was in Arts and Architecture. I will probably write about it more after New Year, but this has been a great learning experience for her, and she was very proud to share her team's work with an entire school and other visitors.

After School

Smarty was a little stressed earlier this week with all last minute tasks related to her Egyptian Museum project, but she cheered up by Wednesday. She will still continue going to taekwondo during her winter break - in fact, she is testing for her first "real" belt next Tuesday. She also begged us to watch old seasons of The Amazing Race on Amazon Prime - she finds this show both educational and entertaining at the same time.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Smarty contemplated joining us when we went to see Fantastic Beasts in the movie theater, but then she "chickened out". This week, her friend from school lent her Fantastic Beasts: the Original Screenplay by J.K. Rowling, and she raced through it in one evening. She said after reading the book that she does not regret not seeing the movie, because the screenplay seemed scary enough to her. She also read The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Bahill and said that it was very good.

Favorite Memory 

Our gingerbread house 2016 - read about it here.

Popular Posts This Week

I am going to set aside my two perpetual favorites and profile the next three posts in traffic. Understandably, they are all Christmas posts :)
How was your week?


Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Looking forward to hearing about her Egyptian projects. Sounds like she has good judgment.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That Egypt exhibit looks pretty incredible. I hope you all enjoy your break!

Ticia said...

Enjoy your vacation! Jeff has been home for the past week and it's really thrown me off my schedule trying to figure out how to get things done.