Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's official! The house is decorated, most gifts are purchased, and my husband and I are on vacation!
Christmas stuffies

Every year we decide on the "theme" for our Christmas tree - we have enough ornaments accumulated over years to go with "silver", "red", or "special treasures". Interestingly, this year Smarty chose silver, and our tree looks more "adult", but I do miss more color!
Christmas Tree 2016
We also decorate our "seasonal tree" in the kitchen with wooden mini-ornaments that came to us from Germany:
Seasonal Tree - Christmas Time
Speaking of Germany, we also have another traditional German decoration in our house - a candle Christmas carousel. It looks magical when the candles are lit, and the blades are turning slowly in the heat currents...
Christmas carousel
One thing that we are always eagerly welcome is our paper winter village built by my husband. This year it has an addition of a pond with paper swans folded by Smarty.
Smarty still has three more days of school left, and our goal for these days is to catch up with buying, wrapping, and sending of the gifts. Then we will be ready to spend two weeks as a family - playing, reading, and spending time together. We want to be mostly off the computers for this, so I am going to declare a vacation for my blog as well. I might or might not be back with some "week in review" posts, but I hope to see my faithful readers next year!

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love your winter village. One day I hope to own one of those German candle carousels. We had one when I was small, and I loved it.

Ticia said...

Enjoy your break! I love those little wooden ornaments.