Thursday, December 1, 2016

What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas? Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, shopping sprees, and... gingerbread houses. Today, I will share 15 very different gingerbread houses you can make with your kids (or for your kids) this Christmas:
Gingerbread houses to make with kids
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Edible Gingerbread Houses

1. Not in the mood for a big gingerbread house? Make a mini no-bake gingerbread house with the tutorial from Red Ted Art

2. Make a perfect gingerbread house with Graham crackers with the tutorial from Happiness Is Homemade.

3. Don't worry about perfection and think of gingerbread house building as a STEM project for future architects (Science Kiddo)

4. Don't let your edible gingerbread house just stand there, Turn it into a small world gingerbread play wonderland (Fun a Day)

5. Enjoy these mini mug gingerbread houses (and gingerbread house templates) from Almost Unschoolers

6. Go with a healthier version of gingerbread house from  Everyday Art

7. If you want an ultra-healthy version of a gingerbread house, build a veggie logge house instead from The Whoot

8. This is an edible gingerbread house, except it's for bird foodies - a great idea of a gingerbread house for birds from Wilder Child

Inedible Gingerbread Houses

9. Build gingerbread houses out of recycled milk or juice carton boxes with the tutorial from Pint Sized Treasures

10. Build a lifesize gingerbread house for your home or preschool - Inner Child Fun.

11. Make a pretty embroidered felt gingerbread house ornament with this tutorial from Pluschka

12. Build a lighted gingerbread house out of cardboard following a tutorial from Little Red Window

13. Older kids and adults can attempt this adorable felt gingerbread house ornament fro Cutesy Crafts.

14. Make a cardboard gingerbread house using this simple template from Inner Child Fun

15. Last, but not the least, this list would not be complete without a LEGO gingerbread house! Make it from available blocks using these instructions from Brick Journal

Your Turn

15 Gingerbread Houses to Make with Kids

Do you make gingerbread houses during holiday season? Are yours from the kit, from scratch, or "inedible kind"?

More Christmas Ideas for Kids?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love that tiny felt house! The healthy version is pretty cool too.

Ticia said...

I don't think the healthy version would go over well here......

But I'm with Maryanne and love the felt house.