Saturday, November 12, 2016

Highlights of the Week

It was a difficult week. My husband and I are disappointed by the choice America made this year, but at the same time this choice is the best indicator that American democracy still works exactly as its founding fathers planned for it to work. I want to hope that this will also apply to the checks and balances between government branches. In other words, no matter how much people want fast change from the President, change only happens slowly, with shifts in demographic and people's beliefs. As President Obama said, "The Sun is still going to rise tomorrow". I think dealing with our own feelings over loss or win teaches our kids how to win without gloating and lose without despair.


Our school trimester ended this week. We did not get report cards yet, but, as far as I could tell from PowerSchool, Smarty is going to get an A in all subjects except PE. This week, she had a Makers' Show and Tell where all middle schoolers had to share something they are making at home. She wanted to make a motorized marshmallow roaster. She and her Dad worked together on design, and he also helped her break her implementation into doable steps. Kids loved her project, and Smarty was very pleased with it as well. Generally, she is very happy at school and tells me that she feels settled by now and wants absolutely no changes in her school environment for this year. Despite all our reservations about her grade skip, things are going very well so far!

After School

Smarty spent a lot of time this week outside playing with her friends. Our rocket launcher is quite popular with neighborhood kids, and even older kids come over wanting to build and launch a paper rocket. We stocked up on scissors and painter tape needed for this enterprise. I am very happy that she is connecting with others and does not spend all her time reading or sitting in front of the computer. Speaking of sitting in front of the computer, she seems to be on another spurt in math, steadily progressing in Khan Academy towards the end of the seventh grade math curriculum and staying on her usual path of being about a year and a half above her grade in math.

Places We Are Going

Last week, Smarty's school had a "star party" with San Jose astronomical society. Astronomers brought in "real" telescopes to show kids interesting objects in the sky. Smarty was super excited to see craters on the moon up close and personal, but she did not enjoy long waits, because there were only 5 telescopes and about 250 families showed up. Our school community certainly digs science :)

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this section contains Amazon affiliate links. This week, Smarty was yet again in re-read mode, but she really enjoyed Evolution Revolution by Robert Winston from our library haul. This is a really great overview of our progress in understanding evolution and developing evolution theory beyond Darwin. Smarty highly recommends it to kids who want to know what evolution is all about.

Favorite Memory This Week

Me to Smarty: Well, now you could be the first female President of the United States one day.
Smarty to me: No, thanks! It's a pile of work, and I don't need assassination attempts. But running for a governor is on the list of my life goals. I'll do it after I get a chance to go to space.

Your Turn

How was your week?


Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

I agree with you that kids see how we handle both wins and losses and learn how to neither gloat nor despair accordingly.

JL said...

One good thing that came out of this year's disaster is that young people have opened their eyes to the importance of activism. Elementary kids to college students have felt the shock of this year's election and the seeds have been planted for future leadership and participation in government. And yes, we will have a female president in our lifetime! I'm hopeful!

Ticia said...

Smart girl there, being president IS a lot of work. Though governor of a big state like California is probably also an insanely large amount of work.

JL said...

I would bet that by the time Smarty is of age, she would be much more qualified and abled to tackle on the job than you know who. At least she understands science.