Monday, November 21, 2016

Are you still sending out Christmas cards? We are in a rapidly diminishing category of people who still enjoy sending and receiving "real" cards. Every year we make family Christmas cards and send them to 50+ people - our family and friends around the world. Smarty also makes Christmas cards for special people in her life. This year, she opted for a "multi-sensory" Christmas card.
A multi-sensory Christmas card

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Supplies Needed

While younger children should be encouraged to focus on process, older children could spend some time thinking of how they want their end result to look like and how to get there. Planning ahead is still "an emerging skill" for my 10 year old as it is for many other kids her age. You can help by suggesting to find a center of her card using a ruler (three cheers for geometry!), position your centerpiece, and sketch the words before doing anything permanent on the card.

2. Crayon Resist Part

Trace your words with permanent marker and thickly color over them with a crayon of your color choice. This will protect your words from watercolor paint.

3. Paint with Scented Watercolors

I forgot to take the photo of this part, but we added cinnamon spice to watercolors to add another sensory dimension to it. Originally, we wanted to add ginger too, but it just did not smell anything like gingerbread cookies :)

4. Add 3D "Touch"

Our 3D centerpiece was a wooden snowflake painted glittery white. We also added silvery stars to our night sky with silver plane, and our card is now waiting for a special recipient :)

Your Turn

Are you still sending out "real" Christmas cards? 

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Ticia said...

I love this card! She did a really good job planning ahead for how she wanted it to look.