Thursday, November 24, 2016

We are busy, we are rushed, we are overwhelmed with demands of everyday lives. But Thanksgiving gives an opportunity to pause and reflect on our blessings. Thanksgiving is also close to my birthday. I will be turning 48 soon, so I decided to pick 48 things to be grateful for. They are in no particular order. The image is not mine, I am not that creative :) Unfortunately, I cannot give credit, since source is unknown...

Today I am grateful for...

1. Our planet Earth and its biodiversity
2. My parents who gave me birth
3. My ancestors who struggled and took risks and lived very difficult lives, so I could live a better life
4. Innovators who move our civilization forward
5. Clean water and hot shower that we all take for granted
6. Electricity "magically" flowing from an outlet on the wall
7. "People behind the scenes" making our life happen - people who actually produce things
8. Law enforcement officers keeping our communities safe
9. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly
10. My education that allowed me to find a job in the United States
11. My job that pays the bills and then some
12. My husband who is so incredibly creative
13. My daughter who is the best thing that ever happened to me.
14. National Parks
15. Libraries and an inter-library loan system
16. Soldiers and veterans
17. Friends who are like second family to us
18. Internet and friends I made online
19. My father-in-law who is so generous to us
20. Our neighbors and our community
21. My physical health and my mental health
22. Health insurance
23. Owning a house, so our rent cannot jump overnight
24. Sense of humor
25. Museums
26. Music
27. California weather
28. Campgrounds
29. Theaters
30. GPS in the car
31. Doctors and nurses
32. My daughter's teachers
33. Educational videos and documentaries
34. Digital photography
35. Art supplies
36. Mobile phones and Skype
37. Wikipedia
38. Abundance of food and its variety
39. Swimming pools
40. Online classes
41. Vaccines
42. Credit cards and savings
43. Being able to travel the world
44. Peace
45. Kindness in people
46. Drive to be better
47. Forgiveness
48. Holidays

Your Turn

What are you grateful for?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Your list is wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Birthday soon!

JL said...

What a wonderful list! Happy Birthday!

Ticia said...

What a wonderful list. My list would probably be very similar to yours. I'd also add air conditioning.....