Saturday, October 15, 2016

Highlights of the Week

The week has started on a sad note - Smarty's betta fish, Shimmer, has died after a short illness. Smarty got Shimmer for her 8th birthday, so it seems like he lived a reasonably long life. Still, it came as a shock to all of us when it happened. Smarty was sad and channeled her energies into arranging a proper burial for Shimmer. She cheered up once he was put to rest saying that now she feels closure and can think of him again as a happy and healthy little fish. 
It was also the last full week of Smarty as a 9 year old. She is turning 10 next week and is really looking forward to her birthday. She will have a birthday party at home next weekend with her five friends coming to celebrate with her. 


Smarty's school was one of the stops on the journey of Storm Eindhoven electric bike team traveling the world in 80 days. How did they get so lucky? Apparently, one of the parents in our school was somehow connected to someone on the team and convinced them to make this stop. 5th graders and middle schoolers were super excited and asked many questions. They are now also tracking the last legs of this journey online. 
Smarty is also loving her Leadership and Drama class. Currently, they are studying a genre of pantomime. The students split into groups to write a script and rehearse a pantomime to be presented to younger grades. Smarty's team is doing a skit called A crazy hockey fan. She is a hockey fan, which is funny by itself, since I doubt that she even saw a hockey game once.

After School

Smarty is enjoying her after school activities. She is attending a 4-week Beginning Leadership course organized by our gifted organization Lyceum. The guy who leads a course must be amazing, because Smarty went into the first session skeptical saying that she already has a leadership class in school and came out enchanted and saying that she wants to sign up for both follow up series. At home, we went back to watching Crash Course in the evenings and doing a little bit of competitive math a few days a week.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Yes, that's right. We let Smarty read The Hunger Games. We both read them before and knew that they don't contain anything that we would find inappropriate for a student in middle school. Smarty went through all three books with enthusiasm and concentration that she reserves for the books she really likes, and we had several really good discussions about them. Yes, the books are rather dark, and there is a lot of death and violence in them, but there is also a message of overcoming incredible odds, message of resilience and hope. I suspect that now she will be rereading them for a while until she fully "digests" the books and moves to something else.

Where We Are Going

Smarty had another Lyceum class last weekend where she built an electromagnetic flashlight without batteries. It's a very cool project, and Smarty really enjoyed trying soldering for the very first time. She even asked for "something to solder" for her birthday, so we are giving her this digital clock kit. I also liked to see how she partnered with another student in this class and how much she enjoyed having a "carpool buddy", another 6th grade girl. She even asked to have a sleepover with this girl sometime in November.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Getting ready for the Fall Festival in our new school.

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Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

It sounds like she is really doing well with all her new activities!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

We loved the rain over the weekend! We also enjoyed getting together with my brother's family. The kids are mostly enjoying school, although Emma remains convinced that she wants to homeschool sixth grade.

Ticia said...

I'm sorry about the fish. Otherwise it looks like a really good week.