Sunday, October 2, 2016

Highlights of the Week

I cannot believe it's October already. First 6 weeks of school flew in a blink of an eye. So far the year is going very well for Smarty, and she is enjoying school, something that we were really hoping for while making a hard decision to accelerate her. In September, she lost her braces and got a retainer instead. She is very responsible about her retainer, and I am very proud of how she never put up a fuss about the need for it. She is really looking forward to her upcoming birthday and plans to have a birthday party at home with a theme that reflects her deepest interest - space.


School is going well for Smarty. They finally started science labs, which were delayed by a month, because of some problems with access to online curriculum. Smarty finds school work challenging but doable. She does have certain challenges with organization - for example, she managed to discard her math homework while emptying her folders. We are trying to encourage her to look at each incident as a learning opportunities and do better in the future. Not surprisingly, Smarty's least favorite subject is PE as she finds it hard to keep up physically with kids who are one to two years older, but she is trying her best. 

After School

We closed our swimming season this week, which was bittersweet. Smarty loves the pool when we can drag her there. The reason she resists is because she does not like having to wash her hair afterwards. We also enjoyed the last relatively relaxed week - next week Smarty is adding several afterschool activities to her calendar including choir, persuasive speech, and a 4 week leadership course.

Places We Are Going

Last week, Smarty took a very fun Static Electricity class offered through our organization for gifted kids Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley. Kids had access to drills and other tools to build their own static electricity generator. Next week, they will be soldering to make an electromagnetically charged flashlight! Smarty loved the class, especially the pat where they could play with various static electricity generators and shock each other with Leiden jars.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Since Smarty is very excited about her birthday and wanting to plan her own party, she spent a lot of time considering ideas in Pick-a-Party book. She was disappointed that the book did not contain the party idea that she wanted - a space theme birthday party for teens/tweens. It did have a Star Trek birthday party idea, but Smarty is not a Trekker... yet. She also read through Mission Atomic, the latest in never-ending 39 Clues series. When she tried to explain it to me, I was rolling on the floor laughing over her pronunciation of Chernobyl - this is one of the disadvantages of knowing more words in print than actually hearing them pronounced in real life.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty to me: My preference for math would be to just go at my speed through Khan Academy and Art of Problem Solving.
Me: How much math would you like to take in middle school then?
Smarty: All high school classes. I want to take college math in high school?
Me: Umm... I think you would be still too young for them.
Smarty: Why? I will be 12 years old by then!

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Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

First of all, I love the first picture! Also, the static electricity class. My James would love that! My Sam had the same problem with mispronouncing words that he had only read, not heard. Have a great weekend.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

My husband actually used to get bused over to the high school for math classes in middle school...

Ticia said...

When I moved to Texas from California, the schools here were further along than the California schools, and I had a bunch of catching up to do. Particularly in the organization area. That was a hard school year learning all of that, so I feel Smarty's pain.