Monday, October 17, 2016

Do schools in your area celebrate Halloween? Our schools have special events in October - our new school opted to call their first celebration a Fall Festival. It was great fun.
School Halloween Celebration - Fall Festival

Our school is entirely brand new, so every family came here from one of other schools in our school district. It was amazing how quickly our home and school club pulled volunteers and resources together to ensure that this festival happens just two months after the school opened its doors. It truly reflects what a difference parents can make in their children's educational experience and what kind of community spirit the school can have when parents pour their energy into it.

Many parent volunteers worked weekends to build carnival booths, organize prizes and pumpkins. Kids were setting up and decorating the booths and middle schoolers could also volunteer to help out with carnival games during an actual event.

Teachers got involved too in planning for this event. Our Maker Lab teacher worked with a group of middle school boys who decided to build a giant pumpkin catapult for their Innovation Time.

Obviously, Fall Festival is a big fundraiser for our school - pretty much everything for this event was donated by parents and businesses of our area - we had some really good professional face painters coming to face painting booth, a photo booth manned by a professional photographer who is one of the parents in our school, a great "chili tasting event" with several families bringing slow cookers of chili, a bake sale, and tons of candy. The event itself was an "open campus" event, so kids and families who don't attend our school could come and participate as well.
The turnout was great - we could only arrive at 7 pm due to other activities on the same day, but the school was still full of kids. I strongly believe that events like these, while taking a whole lot of work in preparation, make school community immeasurably better by bringing kids, teacher, and parents together. I am already looking forward to the next big fundraiser of this school year - a spring walkathon event :)

Your Turn

What kind of fundraising events are happening in your school and are you contributing to them?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Our school does a HUGE Halloween celebration. I'm in charge of my son's class party. Personally I prefer a fall themed celebration to Halloween - not my favorite holiday.

Ticia said...

Most of our local schools do some form of fall festival, but nothing like what your school just did. That's crazy!