Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dear Smarty,
You are 10 year old today. You think that this time is an eternity, because this is your entire life. To me, it passed way too quickly.
I remember you as an easy baby. Yes, you did not sleep through the night until you were 20 months old insisting on a short "rendezvous with Mama" for some nursing and a cuddle. You did not walk until you were 16 months old. But you were content to sit, explore objects around you, observe the world, and listen. You were a good listener then and understood very well which were "Smarty's toys" and which were "Papa toys". You always loved listening to books and started saying your first words at about 8 months old. You were talking in full sentences at about 18 months old.
As a toddler, you completely rejected German as your second language, but your English took off. Many people were amazed at your vocabulary. You would spend hours listening to books and eventually started to sound out words. By the time you were 3, you were reading simple books on your own.
As a preschooler, you were developing new skills very quickly. You were reading fluently at 4 years old and enjoyed telling elaborate stories, playing pretend games and helping around the house. You were a responsible little one who did not like messes and stayed out of trouble. You were also likely to boss your friends around - the trait that did not change over years at all.
As an elementary school student, you were always very eager to please your teachers. You have strong aptitude both for language and for math, so school subjects always came easily to you. I appreciate the fact that you did not lose you passion for learning even when you had to match your speed to the speed of the classroom, and you were always willing to challenge yourself and to go deeper and further into certain subjects. You are not afraid to take risks in school, but you are a lot more cautious with physical risks. You are definitely not a daredevil, yet you mastered basic things of life like riding a bicycle, crossing a street, or making a simple dinner.

Now you are turning 10 and you are in middle school already! You are still a sweet and cuddly child, but you already have sarcastic humor of a teenager. You desperately want to be taken seriously - at home, in school, and in relationships with your friends. You have a very strong sense of self and you tend to be very focused on what you want. The art of compromise does not come easily to you, but you can be very generous and helpful to others, especially to younger children. Your heart is usually in the right place and you always strive to make good choices. You still have to learn a lot about what makes people tick before you are able to become a leader you want to be. I am looking forward to see how you will grow and change in the next year, and the next decade as you leave your childhood behind and eventually venture into your own independent life. Remember that I will always be there, loving and supporting you.

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That first decade of parenting flies by! I've enjoyed following along for most of it with you :)

JL said...

Happy Birthday Smarty! So nice walking down menory lane.

Phyllis Bergenholtz said...

Nine and ten are some of my favorite years as a parent. There is so much growth in those years. Happy Birthday, Smarty!

Ticia said...

Happy birthday Smarty!

It amazes me how quickly childhood flys by.