Saturday, September 10, 2016

Highlights of the Week

The big news this week was that Smarty lost her braces. I have to give it to her - she was patient and upbeat during all the stages of this process - a painful and uncomfortable palate expander, then braces and their upkeep and maintenance. She followed all the restrictions religiously and was happy to immediately celebrate her "wireless" state by eating a bowl of popcorn. Shortly before braces were removed, she lost three of her baby teeth, so we are keeping fingers crossed that they will actually grow into their proper places now. She will still need braces in a couple of years once all her teeth are replaced, and, in the meantime, she will have a retainer. But for this one week she can enjoy the natural state of her mouth :)


Smarty seems pretty happy when she comes home from school. Homework load leveled back to reasonable levels and she has enough time to unwind and read in the afternoons. This Wednesday, her entire middle school (3 6th grade classes and one 7th grade) had a "field trip" to a local pool - an event designed to help students bond and get to know each other better. While she did not make any close friends yet, another girl approached her and said that she wants to be friends, so that looks promising. She also started walking to school with two other 6th graders from our street - hopefully, they will start coming back from school together as well even though I will miss this walking time with her.

After School

Smarty was in the "making mood" this week, possibly inspired by a visit to our local mini Maker's Faire. Here she was "proving" to me that regular playdough conducts electricity by quickly putting together a simple circuit. I guess she did learn something last year in an engineering club organized by her father. She also poured over origami books and websites trying different origami patterns. Her favorite right now is a crane.

Places We Are Going

Last weekend was busy - on Sunday we met up with her best friend and his Mom at our local mini Maker's Faire. We cut the kids loose and agreed to meet at a landmark at a certain time. Smarty wanted to stay a little longer and try various crafts offered for free at the fair, but her friend was "all done" and went home. On Monday, I took both kids to see Ringling Bros circus. I understand that circus is quite controversial, but I grew up with deep love for traditional circus, and I still want Smarty to experience it. Both kids enjoyed it... about 3/4 of the way. By the end, both of them were really overstimulated and squirming in their seats, but I still thought it was the best Ringling Bros performance that we've seen since we started going about 5 years ago.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this section contains Amazon affiliate links. I stumbled upon The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L.Holm by accident and then Smarty highly recommended it to me (and to my readers). This is really a delightful book about wonders of science, figuring out complicated family relationships, and middle school trials and triumphs. It came at a perfect age for Smarty, and led to some great conversations.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty to me: Mama, I don't really like mess. I just hate to clean up.
Me: You know, this makes you the third person in our family of three who doesn't like to clean up. There are people who find cleaning house relaxing, but it's certainly not us.
Smarty: Only weird people could enjoy cleaning. They must be Trump supporters!

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How was your week?

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maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Nobody likes cleaning in our house either!

sunflowerous said...

laughed at the cleaning bit :D My kids certainly can relate :D

Ticia said...

I have one friend who likes cleaning and finds it relaxing. She is not a Trump supporter, actually I think she's like me and finds no one appealing in this election. So you can tell Smarty her supposition is not correct based on the completely scientific evidence of one case study.

I am quite horrid at origami, and as quite proud of myself when I successfully made a crane a few years ago.