Monday, September 12, 2016

Do you know All About Me projects in elementary school? I always enjoyed seeing my daughter's view of herself in those clever printables. But here is how these projects evolved now when she is in middle school.
All About Me Poem Project

An Adjective Poem

In the first English language classes of middle school, children started talking about the use of descriptive words in their writing. They were given an extensive list of adjective synonyms for common words such as pretty, tasty, good, bad, etc. Then they had to write a poem that started with the word I and various verbs. The poem is supposed to tell the reader more about a person who wrote it. I enjoyed reading Smarty's poem:

I am a knowledgeable girl who likes to read.
I wonder what happens to ordinary people after death.
I hear cats purring, content and pure.
I see an ornate book, its pages obligingly turning on their own.
I want the miraculous playfulness of childhood to never end.
I am a knowledgeable girl who likes to read.

I pretend I can easily do all the marvelous things I want.
I feel the sweet touch of being loved.
I touch the glorious earth and know it's home.
I worry about the fatal threat of the third World War.
I cry for innocent people torn from their families.
I am a knowledgeable girl who likes to read.

I understand the terrible worry that my loved ones will suddenly die.
I say that we all should be cherished people.
I dream of an environment where peace, creativity, and friendship are plentiful.
I try to be excellent in all ways.
I hope I can one day save innocent lives.
I am a knowledgeable girl who likes to read.

Your Turn

Creative Writing Assignment - All About Me Adjective Poem

How do your children explore who they are as individuals? Share your favorite insights in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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JL said...

I love her poem!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

This is a fun poetry theme, and I love Smarty's poem. She has a great sense of self.

Ticia said...

She did a good job with the repetition of that one line.