Friday, September 9, 2016

With my daughter craving more math challenge and my Free Unit Studies blogger friends doing a unit on apples and pumpkins, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and create a fun math challenge free printable with apple theme.
Challenge Math Problems with Apple Theme

MMM School 

Some of Smarty's friends highly recommended signing her up for a well regarded after school program in our city - Russian School of Math. This year, we decided to give it a try. Smarty looked at the offerings and wanted to sign up for Introduction to Geometry class offered on Sunday afternoons. Last Sunday she attended her first class and left nearly in tears. She said that the instructor was more boring that her regular math teacher, that it's all worksheets, and that she really does not need more school on Sunday.
I was quite disappointed, because I was hoping for a facilitated math circle as this class was advertised and not for glorified test prep. I wrote a "feedback" letter to Russian School of Math and told Smarty that she does not have to go if she does not want to. I proposed instead that we do a MMM School at home - MMM stands for Math Mentoring by Mama. She was quite on board with this idea, and asked to do it three times a week. We had our first class on Wednesday, and I pulled a few problems for her to solve into an apple themed math printable. You can download it here.

What Grade Is It For?

Well, Smarty is in the 6th grade now, and I expect her to attempt all six problems (for the geometry problem I expect her to look up the formula for the volume of a sphere and use a calculator). The first three can be done by the K-3, while problems 4 and 5 are for grades 4 and up.

Your Turn

Do your kids enjoy math or dread it?
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JL said...

RSM does feel more like a test prep. But in K's first class, at least they discussed more than one way to get the answer. I am crossing my fingers that they do more of that in the future.

Your problem-solving worksheet look much more interesting!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

There is a math program for kids on Stanford campus that gets rave reviews from my friends - I can look into it some more if you are interested. It would be something of a commute for Smarty, though!

I'll have to show your math problems to my kids.

Anonymous said...

My oldest likes math well enough but doesn't love it. He enjoys challenges though, will show him your apple problems for sure :)

Jeanine H said...

Thank you so much for sharing all Of the added resources for other ages at the end of this post! Mines only in grade 2 but she's already hating math unfortunately! Anyway that I can find to play with food, with her learning is a great opp! Thank you!

Ticia said...

These look like fun math problems to me. I might give them to the kids to see how they do with them.