Saturday, August 13, 2016

Highlights of the Week

Well, that was our last full week before the start of the school year. Smarty is heading back on Thursday, and she can't wait for school to start. Honestly, I think we are all ready to get back to the routine and discover what middle school will look like. This week, Smarty had two events directly related to her new school year - a park meetup and a middle school orientation.

School Meet Up

Since the school Smarty will be going to is brand new (and still in construction a week before it opens), our new home and school club (local name for parent-teacher association) has organized a picnic in the park, so kids and parents could meet their future classmates. We enjoyed the picnic, but the part about meeting new friends did not really work out. Smarty immediately joined her friend from 4th grade and his younger sister and spent an entire time playing with them. We, adults, hardly fared any better - we mostly hung out with parents we already knew, but at least we met Smarty's future math and science teacher and chatted a little with him.

Middle School Orientation

On Monday, I took Smarty for middle school orientation. It was an event for students only (no parents allowed) designed mostly as a Q&A session. She was very nervous prior to this event but came out excited and relaxed. Nobody was teasing her about her size and a few kids commented favorably on her T-Shirt. She now truly can't wait for school to start, especially since another 6th grade girl who lives on our street started to stop by every evening and invite Smarty to play. They are both hoping that they will be in the same class, since they are both tiny and seem to think that safety is in numbers :)

Places We Are Going

On Thursday, I took another day off, so we could squeeze the last field trip of the year. We took Smarty to Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland. Smarty was eagerly looking forward to the trip, because it was all about space, and was a little disappointed that the museum was relatively small. I actually thought that it has a perfect size for kids - it took us about 3 hours to visit including watching a 40 minute movie about the dawn of space age and by the end of the visit we were all "museumed out". I found Chabot's collection of Soviet-Russian space exhibits rather amusing, but it was good to see that Chabot does its best to stress the role of international cooperation in space exploration.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty is getting on healthy eating bandwagon with us. This week, she was cheerfully making herself scrambled eggs with veggies almost completely on her own.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this section contains Amazon affiliate links.We made it to the library, and Smarty happily headed to her favorite re-reads (Artemis Fowl, Septimus Heap, Ranger Apprentice), but she was also happy to pick up a pretty hefty new book - the second part of Connie Willis' sci-fi story about WWII - All Clear. She is already done with it and moved on to another Connie Willis' novel - Doomsday Book.

Popular Posts This Week

Well, this week my Olympic posts earned Gold and Silver :) 

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JL said...

Love her shirt! K should join Smarty's group if small but mighty group!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I love the shirt!

Emma is nervous as she has the new teacher to the school and no close friends in her class (actually hardly any kids she even knows!)

I am a bit worried as the teacher I am guessing (based on some googling) has never taught 5th grade. I did notice that the list of children seems to be mostly academic high achievers in the school, so hopefully that will help (I think, based on the list, they gave the new teacher the well-behaved kids who do their work and usually do it well). She is young, but I can't judge there as I started student teaching at 20.

Lily will have her old girl scout troop leader as her teacher, and Johnny is looping, so I doubt there will be any issues for either of them.

Ticia said...

I was just talking with another mom from church and her daughter and a couple of other girls are very nervous about moving into their new Sunday School class, which rather amuses me on that front.