Saturday, July 9, 2016

Highlights of the Week

We had a very busy 4th of July weekend. We had friends over on Saturday for my husband's birthday celebration, then assembled our new grill on Sunday and "christened" it with other friends on Sunday night. Finally, on 4th of July we joined our neighbors in our traditional street celebration - complete with potluck dinner, a giant water slide, and, of course, fireworks. It was a perfect transition into our second phase of summer when we will spend more time away from home. I am writing this post on Friday, and tonight Smarty and I are flying to visit my parents in New Jersey. We can't wait!

Summer Learning and Fun

Smarty had her second week at Camp Galileo this week where the topic was Toy Making. The kids made a pinball machine and a kaleidoscope. Smarty really enjoyed this week, because the projects were easier and she had her best friend to keep her company. She was also selected by her counselor to give a closing speech - which is a big deal in this camp as only one senior camper gets to do that every week. It's sad that it's her last year in Galileo camp as it ends with the end of elementary school, but they also have interesting classes for older students - Galileo Summer Quest

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this section contains Amazon affiliate links. This picture cracks me up, because it's so very Smarty. Instead of reading at the table, she prefers reading on the table and fiddle with something in her hands at the same time. This week she re-read many of her favorites and also read Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan. I read that book first and initially did not want Smarty to read it, because the story involves an only child who unexpectedly loses both her parents and has to struggle with extreme loss. However, Smarty saw the book and snatched it the minute I was done with it. She loved the story, and it did not look like she applied the possibility of this situation to her own sheltered life. We both enjoyed the characters and the topic of inteconnectedness of life. 

Favorite Memory of the Week

Smarty is always looking forward to the 4th of July. It's truly an Independence Day for her as she roams the street with other kids munching on snacks and choosing what to do. She even tried out "an open mike" time and shared a couple of her favorite kid jokes and riddles. I am very grateful to live in a safe and diverse community who knows how to have fun together.

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Phyllis said...

Your street party as sounds wonderful! She is growing into a fine young lady! New will be in my area.

Ticia said...

Congratulations on giving the speech! That's really cool.