Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Faithful readers of my blog know that Smarty loves all things space. Luckily, modern technology helps us to feed her interest and answer all kinds of questions that come to her, especially when she looks into the night sky.

Star Walk

Neither my husband nor I are night sky experts, and this is why we find Star Walk app so handy. It is SO helpful to be able to identify objects of the night sky. It requires GPS to work, so you need to enable it if you usually keep it disabled for photo tagging reasons. There are many other apps in this category including Star Walk for Kids from the same company, but we find this one most helpful and certainly worth its $2.99 price.


NASA App is free and provides last minute updates on NASA missions. It sort of mirrors NASA website, but we found app version not as painfully slow as the main NASA website (they also have a special NASA for kids website)

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Also from NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day site contains amazing images every day followed by a short explanation. Looking at these pictures can be very relaxing and helps put small problems of daily life in perspective.

Crash Course Astronomy

We are all big fans of Crash Course. Crash Course Astronomy takes viewers through the journey that starts with naked eye observations of the night sky all the way to galaxies and quasars. This course is perfect for older kids who really want to dig deeper into mysteries of space.

Your Turn

Astronomy apps and sites for kids

Are your kids interested in mysteries of space?

31 Days of Outdoor STEM

I joined in with my STEAM blogging friends for a fun series this month: 31 Days of Outdoor STEM. Hop on over to Little Bins for Little Hands to see all of the other activities.

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Sarah McClelland said...

Great list of apps that I have never tried! Thank you for putting all of these together.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Great resources here! We love the Star Walk app.

Ticia said...

I keep forgetting about the Star Walk app. Thanks for the reminder.