Saturday, April 16, 2016

Highlights of the Week

Smarty and her Papa came back from Germany on Monday afternoon, tired but happy to be home. Smarty dealt reasonably well with jet lag, but I gave her a break from all chores and required activities to give her time to readjust to life at home. I had a somewhat busy life at work, but I am making a point to disconnect at 5 pm and enjoy time with my family.


Smarty jumped right back into school and SBAC testing period that started on Tuesday. Good thing that she is a good test taker who does not get anxious with testing tasks. I am just hoping that she is rested enough and not making careless mistakes.

After School

We took it easy this week as Smarty was still quite tired with the time change. She spent some time playing with friends outside and reading. Hopefully, we will get back to doing a little more together next week when she recovers fully from her travels.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: This section contains Amazon affiliate links. Smarty started several different series while in Germany. One of them was Nerds by Michael Buckley. Smarty enjoyed the series and continued flying through them at home by borrowing books 3 and 4 from her school library. Frankly, in her retelling the story sounded wildly ridiculous, but I suppose this is how any superhero story sounds unless you read or watch it yourself. It has good reviews on Amazon, so I want to hope that it's better than it sounded to me.

Favorite Memory of the Week

I just love having family home and listening to Smarty hum to herself when she is engrossed in reading or having her climb on my lap while I have my morning coffee (yes, she still fits). Being away from your child makes you appreciate little things better and how much they mean to us.

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Ticia said...

Princess still fits on my lap.

The boys like to pretend they do, but they are WAY too big!