Monday, April 11, 2016

The students in our district are coming back today from their spring break to start the last term of the year, and it's time to set some goals for what we want to do at home in our "after school" activities.
Setting spring term goals

Academic Goals

During her parent-teacher conference, Smarty set herself some goals, which were entirely too lame, like, Read one historical fiction and one non-fiction book. Seriously, is it in any shape or form a stretch goal for a child who reads all the time - something that she would be proud of having completed? However, she does have a stretch goal at home - she wants to finish 6th grade in Khan Academy math and perhaps also finish Algebra Basics (she is taking these two classes in parallel). I also want to spend a little more time on spelling with her, since it transpired during the same parent-teacher conference that 4th graders are no longer formally taught spelling in our district, since"they type most of their work and can use spell checkers". 

Family Goals

These spring months tend to be busy. We are a little stressed because landscape design for our garden took a lot longer than planned, and we will not have our garden done by summer as planned. But we are going to try and get contractors bid on work by late April and, hopefully, have our new backyard and front yard in place by the time school is out. We also want to keep up our visits to National Parks and National Shores - we plan to go on a day trip to Point Reyes in April and pick another park for May.

Health and Wellness Goals

Our weather is perfect right now for getting outside every day. We are eagerly looking forward to our pool opening in the second half of May. In the meantime, I want to get off my computer every night at 5 pm and go for walks or to play tennis - either with Smarty or with my husband.

Social Goals

We have given some thoughts to upcoming changes in our school and decided that we are not going to change anything for the fifth grade at this point. However, we want to plan to get more engaged with school about their support for gifted learners and also take our advocacy to the district level. It's not going to be easy for me, since I am not a "community person", but I am going to see if I can join our district's GATE council.
We also want to make sure that we do not lose touch with several families that we had bonded over the past several years. Our goal is to make sure that we invite Smarty's friends and their parents for a dinner and a playdate at least twice a month. We also plan to get closer to another couple who we befriended recently.

Life Skills Goals

We are leaving cooking to summer when we will have more time, but, hopefully, Smarty will keep up her interest in learning German as her second language. The reason why I consider it a life skill is because she is a German citizen and it would be nice if she actually knew the language of her second home country. Also, she would have much easier time communicating to her family in Germany.

Your Turn

What are some of your plans for the remainder of this school year?

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Alison P. said...

This is a hard one for me to say what our goals are for the rest of the school year because I am just planning on making it through without getting upset at my son's teacher. We are doing a little unschooling with research at the library on topics that he is interested like matter and dinosaurs. I have been very involved in the school and I am trying to do the opposite and take a step back because hearing things like they are taking spelling out of the teaching because of spell check makes me so upset. All kids need to know how to spell and it should be taught in schools!! My son's class does spelling words at school and never gets them sent home to do sentences or other things like we did in the :old days" but they are only sight words so I am not looking forward to hearing those things because school certainly isn't setting children up for success if this is the model we are taking. I am taking this time to figure out the full plans homeschooling over the summer break to make sure that we have lots of fun learning before we go back to school next year (and cross my fingers for a much better teacher next year)!!! Your goals sound great but I am lower my expectations to include soccer practice, soccer games and me staying far away from the school :)

Ticia said...

Hmmmm, right now the kids are working on a presentation for school, so I'm just trying to get that project done before I think much beyond that.