Saturday, March 19, 2016

Highlights of the Week

We have all survived the shift to daylight saving time. In fact, it went better than I expected with Smarty waking up and getting ready on her own and not being particularly grumpy. She was excited about minimal days week and all the fun activities their teacher planned for them. On a rainy Sunday, we finally talked her into watching Star Wars: New Hope, and she loved it. Now we plan to watch the other two movies from the original series this weekend, so she is ready for her Star Wars Mania after school class that starts next Wednesday. We also celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a street party last weekend, wrote limericks, and learned more about Ireland.


We had a spring conference this week. It was again in a child-led format where several families were together in the room, and students were sharing their work with their parents. We got Smarty's report card for this term. Our school district does not do grades - instead they have numbers from 1 to 4 to indicate level of understanding of the material. Smarty had mostly "advanced understanding" numbers in all rubrics and a very complimentary write up from her teacher about her ability to self-challenge herself and her engagement in class. It was overall a good year so far, but we received some discouraging news about the next year. As many other families in our school, we were applying for new STEM K-8 school opening in our district this fall. The classes were filled through a lottery drawing, and the lottery was not kind to us. Smarty is #19 on the waiting list while all her best friends got in and will be going. She is understandably disappointed, and so are we. However, we are trying to remember that our school is a good school, and hopefully we will receive some new students transferring from other districts next year. Perhaps Smarty will run into her new best friend then.

After School

Smarty had her first choir competition this weekend. Her choir sounded lovely even though, of course, not as professional as high school choirs. She was pleased with the medal they received for their performance. We also made a monumental decision to terminate her enrollment in after school YMCA program that she attended for almost 5 years. Now she will be coming home by herself every day after her school day or after enrichment activities that she is doing in school. So far one of us has always been home when she comes, but we will also give her the key, so she can get in if we are not home.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and this section contains Amazon affiliate links. Smarty spent another week lost in Ranger's Apprentice world. She would have wrapped up 12 books by now, but we are "pacing" her, because otherwise nothing else would be done. She is really enjoying this series and talks quite a bit about it. She also read Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson this week. I did not even know that she is reading it until she came to me practically in tears calling it a sad, sad book.

Best Memory of the Week

One part of spring conference was students sharing their plans for the rest of the year. To do that, they followed a worksheet and one of the questions was, What do you need to work on in reading? Smarty answered, I need help stopping and moving on to other activities.

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Your Turn

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JL said...

I'm sorry about the lottery. We'll be relying on the lottery for high school charter so it makes me a little nervous. It sounds like you are taking it with stride and thinking positively. Can you try again for next year?

Ticia said...

I remember reading the Bridge to Terebithia in 6th grade.... Then a few years ago a movie of it came out and Jeff had us watch it because I'd mentioned reading it, and then I sobbed through half the movie.

Sorry about the lottery, can you try again next year?

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I'm sorry about the lottery! I think you have a chance at #19 - fingers crossed for you.

Emma auditioned for a choir this week - she will be joining them in the fall.