Friday, March 25, 2016

What comes to your mind when you think about spring? Blue skies, warm weather, blooming flowers, and... butterflies. For some reason, we don't see many butterflies around our backyard, but we compensated for them with LEGO butterflies.
LEGO butterfles
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What Do You Need

You will need a big pile of loose LEGO pieces - the more the better, since this is an open-ended project. What you see on this picture is about 10% of our LEGO collection that is not tied in the sets that are currently in play. You will also need your imagination.

"Free Build" LEGO Butterfly

This first build was a "free build" to explore symmetry. We only had black specialty pieces in our collection, so our butterfly turned out to be rather mournful. Smarty was somewhat mollified when I showed her that black butterflies are not that rare. She did her best, however, to make hers colorful - her favorite small pieces came in handy!

"Guided Build" LEGO Butterfly

This second build is a guided activity following video instructions on YouTube for a LEGO Butterfly. YouTube video used LEGO Classic 10694 set, but we did not have this set, so the interesting part of this activity was searching our extensive LEGO collection for a couple of specialty pieces used in this build. Luckily, we found needed bricks in Smarty's numerous Friends sets.

Symmetry Butterflies

I love this symmetry butterflies project from Fun at Home with Kids. It was on our list to do as well, but we did not get to it. Perhaps this weekend our LEGO master builder (aka my husband) will get involved as well - he promised to explain how to make a butterfly with moving wings :)

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Butterfly Unit Study Ideas

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Ticia said...

I had to decide where I was going to put this post, I ended up with Lego Homeschool, but it was a close call, almost being put in math or flying creatures....

We have lots of oddly shaped gray pieces from spaceships, though with Star Wars sets and 80s Space Legos we do have a fair number of other weird shaped Legos.

Though, I'll also add, the Monarch (my personal favorite butterfly) is orange and black. Black provides a nice contrast color for the wings.