Saturday, February 6, 2016

Highlights of the Week

Our February started well - the weather is beautiful, and everyone is healthy. Both my husband and I had manageable work loads this week and therefore more available for Smarty in the evenings. It's only one week left for her Presidents' Week break, and she is quite excited about another vacation.


Smarty was happy to be the first this year to reach the highest level in her school's Accelerated Reader program. She was called out in the assembly to receive her certificate and a gift card that she is eager to use to buy more books. She really enjoys school right now - as much because of friendships that she has as because of her love of learning. However, in less positive news, she was quite disappointed that she was not elected to the student council again - this contest she is not destined to win, at least not this year...

After School

Speaking of love of learning, this week both Smarty and I were "geeking out" with Crash Course that has so many interesting 10-15 minute lectures on a variety of subjects. For some reason, Smarty was intensely interested in series about Economics. I was racking my brain trying to understand why she chose that topic from so many other interesting options, and I think I know - she picked something that she had no clue about vs. something that she thinks she knows a lot about, for example, chemistry. Anyway, now we spend some time before bed watching one episode from Economics series and one from Big History series (that's the one that I picked). Interestingly, they serve as a strong sleeping pill for Smarty - I think she tries so hard to digest new information that she falls asleep very easily and readily right after.

What My Child Is Reading

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We did not make it to the library this week, so Smarty had to satisfy her reading cravings with rereading her favorite books and with books from school library where she is now reading through Popularity Papers series by Amy Ignatow.

Favorite Memory of the Week

Last weekend, Smarty decided to give herself a "spa treatment" with manicure techniques that she learned from her grandma. It cracked me up, because usually Smarty is not at all a "girly girl". Perhaps there is still hope for Babushka to make our Smarty more.. umm... ladylike, but I would not hold my breath, because 15 minutes later she was digging in dirt with her freshly painted nails :)

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JL said...

We've been watching lots of Youtube videos too. Would love a spa treatment!

Ticia said...

Ha ha ha ha, I have a feeling Smarty and Princess would get along great, Princess would do the same thing for her manicure.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

My kids are really looking forward to getting a break this week, too! They only get part of the week off, though.