Monday, February 29, 2016

There is a magic moment in this transition time between winter and spring. Even if it's still snowing or raining outside, we start thinking of those longer days that we can spend outside. We dream of rainbows, clovers, eggs, gardening. And all these wonderful things are opportunities for curious kids and their parents to take science, engineering, and math outside. Are you ready for this?
We have done a fair bit of science and engineering this February by participating in 28 Days of STEM project. If you missed any of these posts, here they are:
There were many more terrific ideas shared in this month-long project. Pick and choose what inspires your and appropriate for your kids' ages from the landing page

More Spring Science for Kids?

From my blog:

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Your Turn

How often do your kids do science activities at home?
Spring STEM Activities for Kids Age 5+


Ticia said...

I was thinking I've been lazy too in regards to getting STEM activities done, or really any fun activities lately. I need to get going.