Saturday, January 16, 2016

Highlights of the Week

This week was like the weather - cloudy with a chance of rainstorms. Smarty was in a strange stormy mood for the first half of it almost melting down in tears of anything that did not exactly go her way. Later in the week, however, she returned to her usual cheerful and independent self anticipating a short week. She was off on Friday because of teacher in service day, and we both took a day off work to take advantage of a long Martin Luther King weekend and to visit Death Valley National Park. We are hopefully enjoying its wonders just as you are reading this post.


It stopped raining long enough for our school to have a special dedication ceremony for a new school playground. Home and School Club (our PTA) was fund raising for years to be able to purchase it, and parent volunteers worked over Christmas break to extend existing playground and install new equipment. This is one thing that I love about our school - it has a very strong community who does a lot to support teachers, kids, and administration. Still, we are applying for a transfer to a new magnet STEM K-8 school that is opening this September in our school district. The admission will be through lottery, but our chances are somewhat higher than winning Powerball :)

After School

This week we learned about Colombia and made a Colombian dinner. I will write more about both topics next week. We also revisited estimation and probability with LEGOs. Also, Smarty worked either at home or in school on Khan Academy 4th grade math mission and completed it 2 weeks ahead of her end of January goal. She was very pleased with herself, and we celebrated by taking her out to her favorite sushi restaurant.

What My Child Is Reading

*This section contains Amazon affiliate links for full disclosure please click here. As always, Smarty read many books this week, and I gave up keeping up with her some time ago. She especially enjoyed Lunch Money by Andrew Clements and advised me to read it, which is a sign that she found this book intriguing. Together, we read two picture books set in Colombia, and I will share them next week. In addition she read several books on her Kindle, some of them were rereads like Artemis Fowl and some were new to her like Walls Within Walls by Maureen Sheery.

Best Memory of the Week

Smarty: I love having stuffed animals in my bed. I can play with them whenever I want, but I can also just leave them on the other side and they do not sulk. They always forgive me when I want them back.

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Your Turn

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Ticia said...

It looks like quite a cool new playground from what I can see. I remember the last school I worked at the PTA had just raised funds for a new playground and all of the kids were quite excited about it.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

That playground looks great! Good luck with the school lottery! We are planning to enter a housing lottery for a single family house later this year.