Saturday, January 30, 2016

Highlights of the Week

I cannot believe that January is ending tomorrow. We had several goals for this month, and we managed to get most of them done. I am happy to say that we have finally engaged a landscape designer to work on the project of remodeling our front and backyard, and, hopefully, we will have a new driveway and backyard done by summer. Smarty is enjoying all her after school activities and seems to be getting more independent every day :) Life is just going its usual busy way here on Planet Smarty Pants.


Smarty was rather happy with school this week. Her best friend and his parents had a conference where they discussed the fact that he needs more hands-on work in school and less busy work. As a result, both he and Smarty (because they are paired up in ELA) got an "extra credit" assignment to build a world in Minecraft based on the book they are reading in class. Both my husband and I are curious to see how it goes, because Smarty does not play Minecraft at home. So far they spent several days building a ship...

After School

I love that this year Smarty does not get homework. She is usually home at about 4:30 pm after her extra curricular activities, and she still has time to practice her trumpet, go outside and play or ride her bike, read and, occasionally, do some art or science projects. She seems fairly settled and independent in her routines now - she is writing a list of what she needs or wants to do and is usually able to finish her list by bedtime (unless an interesting book carries her away from all other tasks). In our "cook and learn about the world" journey, we learned about Argentina, and you can find out more on the blog next week. This picture was taken during a dig for Argentinian dinos.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure: Amazon links in this section, for full disclosure, please click hereThis is a stack that Smarty brought from our last visit to the library. A couple of the thickest books were Septimus Heap books - Smarty just loves this series and begs us to get them in her permanent Kindle library. She also enjoyed a few new books this week, especially The Big Book of Girl Stuff and two first books from The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander.

Favorite Memory of  the Week

No pictures, but now Smarty makes her own after school snack of a toasted bagel with Nutella spread She is very proud of being able to take care of herself, and at the same time she still loves cuddle times with both of us. We really enjoy this age!

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Your Turn

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Phyllis said...

I love that age, too! Smooth sailing for you guys lately.

Ticia said...

How'd she like the Prydain books? I loved those books as a slightly older kid.
Oh, you have to get her the Madeline L'Engle Time quartet, she will love it.