Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve is time to reflect on the year we had, count our blessings, and enjoy family time.
Why a year with little "new" can be a great year

December is the time for Christmas parties and other events when people who you barely know start conversations with a brilliant smile and an upbeat, “What’s new?” question. My husband and I just talked these past days about how little “newsworthy” events we had this past year:
  • We did not have new children or new pets.
  • We did not buy or sell our house.
  • We did not choose to move across the country or even across the street.
  • We did not lose jobs or change jobs, except that my husband actually returned to his old company after a short stint at a different place.
  • Our daughter did not change schools, did not dye her hair red, or started to wear black clothes.
  • Thankfully, nobody got sick and there were no deaths in our extended family.
  • We did not buy a new car, picked up a new hobby, or remodeled our house.
Goodness, what did we do all this year?
  • We enjoyed our cozy house in a safe neighborhood.
  • Smarty had an opportunity to see her immediate family – my husband took her to Germany and Florida, and I took her to my parents in New Jersey.
  • We had several great trips as a family to places new to us – to Hawaii, to underground world of caves, and to many places close to us where we love to go again and again.
  • We read a lot of new books.
  • We got more involved in our daughter’s school – my husband is leading a weekly Tinkerlab club, and I do a weekly math Olympiad program with fourth graders.
  • We spent time with our friends who are really our extended family since we live so far away from family.
  • We tried new dishes, watched new movies, played new games, did new science experiments, and build new Lego models.
Overall, it was a "quiet" year, and we loved the contentment and peace of "business as usual". Our little family is happy and healthy, our daughter is growing and thriving, and we are not lacking anything we need. I am truly grateful.
I don't think the next year will be as quiet as this year, since I really want a new job. This would mean changes in our routines and schedules, since my current job is quite flexible. Smarty might start a new Magnet STEM school in our district if she wins a spot through a lottery. We also plan to redo our backyard. I hope that we will be able to take all these changes in stride. In the meantime, we will enjoy quiet family Christmastime.
I thought of writing a few more posts this year, but.. my husband is telling me that it's time to disconnect and enjoy our holidays fully. I hope you will come back to my blog next year!
Merry Christmas!

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Phyllis said...

Merry Christmas and happy New year!

Ticia said...

I'm debating about any new posts for the coming week or not. Either way I'll be back again next year my friend. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Merry Christmas! Wishing you a wonderful quiet week to cap off a beautifully quiet year :)

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Merry Christmas (late!) and Happy New Year! I hope 2016 can bring you an exciting new job :)