Saturday, December 12, 2015

Highlights of the Week

It was the last working week for me this year, and it was a pretty stressful week. I am very happy that it's over, and my major goal for the new year is to find a new job. While I have both mastery and autonomy in my job, I don't see a purpose in what I am doing. It's really time for a change! Smarty had her choir performance of the year, but we could not attend it because of work, and another parent took her there. Luckily, I attended her "parent preview" last week and took some videos for my husband.


School was fun for Smarty this week. On Monday, her class took part in Hour of Code program, and she really enjoyed it. In fact every day since then she was going to her laptop at home and tinkering with various programming tutorials. She also “made history” in her school by getting to the highest level of Accelerated Reader program in her school in the shortest time ever, because the teacher was actually allocating time every day for students to take AR tests. Considering that Smarty can easily swallow 400+ pages book in a matter of hours, it’s not surprising that she racked up 560 points before Christmas.

After School

We are enjoying a Hanukkah week! Smarty loves playing dreidel and lighting up Hanukkah candles. She has an uncanny luck with dreidel and wins every night. We also made Matryoshka ornament and wrote our goals for 2016. However, Smarty spent most of her free time learning programming.

What My Child Is Reading

Disclosure – Amazon affiliate links in this section, for full disclosure, please click here. This week we went through our book shelves selecting books to donate or to gift. Smarty also discovered a number of books that she either has not read yet or has forgotten about, so she is reading various books from our home library this week. I also got a free Kindle edition of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol and reading it to her in the evenings. I am thinking that nowadays Mr. Dickens would have been failed in school by his English teacher for his run-on sentences, but we are both enjoying the original story. I am hoping that I can coax Smarty to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol afterwards. It’s my favorite Christmas movie, but so far Smarty steadfastly refused to watch any Christmas movie except the original animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Favorite Memory of the Week

It cracks me up that my daughter refuses to light Hanukkah candles until her German Dad comes home from work. She adores her Papa!

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Your Turn

How was your week?


Phyllis said...

I know how you feel about your job. My husband feels the same way about his job. Congratulations to Smarty for her reading achievement. I love the way Dickens uses language! Beautifully written.

Ticia said...

Jeff's feeling similar about his job, so you have my utmost sympathy.

I'm with you, Muppet Christmas Carol is my absolute favorite Christmas movie.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I hope you find a job you LOVE in 2016!

We are recovering from our busy first half of December, including last week's wedding. And today Johnny split his head open in a playground accident at school (fell off the monkey bars and hit a metal bar on the way down), so we will be slowing down even more since that means a lot of his favorite active play activities are cancelled until he heals. I'm grateful it was something we could glue back together, and that he is concussion free. Mike is in Japan for the week, to keep life exciting :)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I love the Muppet Christmas Carol - it's on our to-do list for this week, after we listen - yet again - to Patrick Stewart's one man audio play of the that one, too! Congrats to Smarty for making school history! I'm sure there will be many more such accomplishments in her future.